Select Hinkley Chandelier Lighting Now On Sale

Hinkley has been making chandeliers for almost a hundred years with precision, passion and resilience. Hinkley chandelier lighting is design to bring modern style and prestige to any living or working space. If your space does not quite have the ceiling height for a chandelier install semi flush lighting for a great alternative. Look at a chrome chandelier or peruse our large selection of other Hinkley chandeliers in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes. Select Hinkley chandeleiers are now on sale for a limited time.

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Which Hinkley Chandelier Does Your Home Deserve?

Hinkley has created some of the most beautiful chandeliers over the last century. Look at a Bolla chandelier for a more modern feel. With almost three hundred to choose from in our collections we’d like to highlight some of our best sellers for you. All of the below fixtures use incandescent lights and for a small increase in price you can use halogen bulbs for a crisper and brighter light.

Veranda Crystal 1 Tier Chandelier. This piece is great for illuminating a dining room table or living room coffee table. This fixture includes five lights with three hundred total watts of light. The uplighting helps shield your eyes from the glares down lighting can sometimes create.

Hinkley’s Rockford Blown Candle 1 Tier Chandelier. This fixture is slightly modern with a bit of old world charm coming across with the six piece candle lighting. This would look amazing as the center piece in our foyer. The hand blown clear seedy glass shows exquisite craftsmanship.

Hampton 1 Tier Hinkley Chandelier Lighting. This is a very modern design that would look great in a breakfast nook or kitchen.  It’s a smaller minimalistic chandelier with four lights with shades. This fixture brushed bronze uses 400 total watts so great for task lighting.

Thistledown Glass 3 Tier Hinkley Chandelier Light. This is a grand fixture meant to be the center piece of a room. Placing this over a dining room table or a beautiful tub would really showcase this artwork. With 15 lights radiate across the room with 600 total watts.