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Hinkley outdoor lighting extends your home’s lighting ambiance to the great outdoors. Hinkley offers flush mounts, post mounts, wall mounts, and pendants to create an attractive, well-lit home exterior. Hinkley outdoor flush mount lighting creates a warm, welcoming entrance for you and your guests. 
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Hinkley Exterior Lighting – Illuminating Exteriors for Over 90 Years

Founded in 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio, Hinkley was originally known for their copper lighting fixtures that were mainly designed for outdoor use. Today, the company continues to manufacture Hinkley outdoor lighting and remains ahead of the outdoor lighting evolution with a variety of outdoor wall lighting as well as flush mounted lighting. These outdoor fixtures are crafted with the same elegance and efficiency you have come to expect from all Hinkley Lighting products.

Outdoor Fixtures To Meet All Your Outdoor Life

Whether it is alfresco diners in the summer or roasting marshmallows in the fall, many families enjoy spending time with each other in the great outdoors. However, it is important to create a well-lit environment that is functional, safe and inviting. Hinkley outdoor lighting offers an variety of dependable outdoor fixtures, including:

  • Hinkley outdoor flush mounts – Flush mounts may be installed outside on the front porch or overhang to create an inviting glow above the front door.

  • Hinkley outdoor wall mounts – Exterior wall mounts may be placed on a front archway or on each side of the front door to ensure safe navigation up to the entrance.

  • Hinkley outdoor pendants – These pendants also provide a cozy welcome and can highlight important information for wandering guests such as a residence number.

  • Hinkley outdoor post mounts – Outdoor post mounts illuminate the driveway or carport, allowing drivers to view any debris or items on the way and safely navigate around these.

Proper Exterior Lighting Provides Safety and Sophistication

The right type of illumination outside of home can evoke a sense of safety and security. A well-lit entrance with outdoor pendant lighting allows homeowners to view approaching guests or identify who is standing at the front door. A properly illuminated driveway, walkway or path allows residents and guests to navigate a home’s perimeter without the risk of harm or injury. Furthermore, lighting a home’s exterior indicates the residence is occupied and discourages would-be intruders from trespassing.

Hinkley outdoor lighting can be functional as well as scenic. Exterior lighting can be used to highlight a home’s unique architectural elements and landscape designs. Amy Elbert, the Senior Architecture Editor at Traditional Home Magazine, says that gardeners enjoy planting moon gardens, a patch of white flowers that bloom in the evening, with the help of subtle outdoor lighting in order to create an enchanting nightfall landscape. She adds that using lighting on water, such as a pool or pond, can create a magical, shimmering effect.

As more homeowners become aware of the value and function of illuminating the outside of their residence, Hinkley exterior lighting is there to meet their demands and concerns. These lighting fixtures are specifically designed for outside conditions, and are available in variety of designs and finishes to match any style.

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