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Are you searching for a new living room fan? Look no further than Hunter ceiling fans with blades spans from 52 inches to 60 inches. Hunter 52 fans are perfect for 150 to 300 square foot rooms.

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Hunter 52 Inch to 60 Inch Ceiling Fans

A large size room can seem difficult to cool on hot or extremely warm days. The addition of a ceiling fan can help to circulate the air, increase the efficiency of air conditioning and create a more comfortable atmosphere. When installing a fan, using the correct size is critical to ensure the appropriate amount of cooling and circulation. As a rule, the larger the room size the larger the fan. At Del Mar Fans and Lighting we offer a wide range of ceiling fans, including Hunter 52 inch to 60 inch ceiling fans. These fans are ideal for larger spaces such as outdoor patios or living room areas. They come in a number of styles and finishes that are attractive enough to suit almost any decor.

The Hunter 52 ceiling fan is manufactured by The Hunter Fan Company which is the original creator of ceiling fans dating back over 120 years ago to 1886. At the time, these early fans were driven by water as opposed to electricity. Fans by Hunter continue to show the same craftsmanship and quality as the originals. Because of their history and continued innovation, they are an ideal choice when selecting a ceiling fan for a large size room.

The Hunter 52 ceiling fan is built for both endurance and appeal. It is available in styles that creates an atmosphere that ranges from comfortable and homey to a more modern and contemporary appeal. The Hunter products are handcrafted and are designed to work both efficiently and quietly. There are also available with or without light kits. Those fans with lights may be designed with a single dome or with several attractive lights. In terms of the blades, many of the fans are available in appealing wood and wood shades. Some are also painted in lighter shades, such as white or cream and may be made of materials such as wicker.

To ensure that a 52-inch Hunter ceiling fan is the right fan for a specific room, the square footage of the room must be determined. This is done by measuring the room's length and width. Once these measurements are taken, they are multiplied together to get the square footage of the room. The Hunter 52 inch to 60 inch ceiling fan is designed for rooms or spaces that are between 150 to 300 square feet, and it is the perfect size for a dining room or an office. Rooms that are significantly larger and longer than this may benefit from two 52-inch fans.

Once the square footage has been determined then the cubic-foot-per-minute or CFM must be determined. This is the airflow that the fan circulates. The CFM will generally be documented on a label on the fan's packaging. A room that is between 150 to 300 square feet will typically require a fan with a CFM between 6000 to 6999 for the best air flow. This varies, however, depending on how the room is used and the actual placement of the fan.

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