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Hunter ceiling fans have been made with quality in mind for over 100 years. Hunter outdoor ceiling fans are a popular choice for cooling outdoor living areas like porches or patios. Choose a Hunter fan to add comfort and style to your home’s interior or exterior living spaces while saving energy. With a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to choose from, your new Hunter fan is sure to compliment any home décor.

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Hunter Ceiling Fans Still Strong after 100 Years

Founded in 1886 in upstate New York by father and son team, John Hunter and James C. Hunter, the Hunter Fan Company produced the first water-driven ceiling fans, which featured two blades that customers could upgrade to a four-blade model. Hunter ceiling fans quickly built a reputation for using the highest quality materials available to produce the best products possible. The Hunter Original ceiling fans, also known as the “Classic Original” fans, have been in production since 1906, making them the longest running fan units still in production. The manufacturer went on to produce electric fans, oscillating desktop fans, and pedestal fans to meet consumers’ emerging needs.

Currently, Hunter continues to be an innovator in the ceiling fan industry. In the last decade, the company has introduced a number of technical advances in the Hunter 52 inch ceiling fans. The model specifically is the Hunter 5 Minute Fan, a collection of pre-assembled fans ready in approximately five minutes as well as fans with retractable blades, and fans with balance detection and auto-correction. Hunter has developed Dust Armor, a blade coating available on most of their fans that prevents dust from accumulating on the fan blades as seen in the video below.


Hunter Fan Company - Dust Armor Technology Video



Hunter Fans Perform Well Indoors and Outdoors

Hunter ceiling fans are available in a number of sizes, styles and finishes that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use in a home, office, or business. Hunter 52 inch ceiling fans have blade spans appropriate for a home or business office with 150 - 300 square footage. While Hunter bathroom fans are ideal for circulating damp air in a bathroom or restroom in order to prevent condensation and mold. Look for Hunter bathroom ceiling fans with a UL-rating of damp, designed with moisture resistant parts that prevent corrosion and ensure the longevity of the fan. The following are some of Hunter’s other popular units:

  • Hunter Ceiling Fans with Lights - These lighted fans combine ventilation and illumination into one valuable fixture. Like traditional Hunter fans, Hunter Fans with lights circulate air in a room to provide a cool breeze while providing functional lighting.
  • Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fan - These fans are also known as Hunter hugger or flush mount ceiling fans because they are installed directly onto the ceiling. Hunter low profile ceiling fans are ideal for rooms or living spaces where the ceiling height is less than the recommended eight to nine feet.
  • Hunter Remote Control Ceiling Fans - These fans allow homeowners to regulate a fan’s power, speed, and blade direction with the use of a remote control. A Hunter remote control fan is ideal for hard to access areas like a room with an inclined or slanted ceiling.

Once you determined which Hunter ceiling fan is best for your home, see our easy-to-follow guide on Hunter ceiling fan installation. Hunter ceiling fans are known worldwide for their quality and exceptional performance. Select renowned Hunter fans at low prices today.

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