Contemporary Hendrik Ceiling Fan Collection by Kichler

The modern Hendrik collection from Kichler ceiling fans will infuse your home with stylish cooling and lighting. The Kichler Henrik has five blades comes in reversible maple/marive cherry or cherry walnut. Includes three speed hand held remote with full range light dimming and reverse function. The powerful Kichler Hendrik ceiling fan is just what your home needs.

Why the Kichler Hendrik is an Amazing Fan

Kichler has been a brand synonymous with quality and style for the last 75 years. Kichler uses their award winning craftsmanship to produce both ceiling fans and lighting fixtures, creating a large variety of sizes, finishes and styles. No matter what style you’re looking for, from contemporary to minimalistic, Kichler has what you need.

The Kichler Hendrik is a beautiful piece of art. It is where the logic of a 172mm x 17 mm motor and downlighting meets the convenience of a three speed hand held remote with full range light dimming and reverse function. Or check out the Kichler Celino. Below are some cleaning tips for your Kichler Hendrick ceiling fan.

Cleaning Your Kichler Hendrik Ceiling Fan

Your Hendrick fan should be dusted regularly to ensure a long life span. To dust your fan simple place a soft dry cloth (or using an empty pillowcase can save you from cleaning a messy floor) on your fan and remove of dust.

Once a year you should gently clean your fan with a mild soap and warm water mixture. Just dampen the cloth, be extra careful not to get water in the motor. Make sure to turn the breaker off to your fan before cleaning and that it is completely dry before turning back on.

You should also regularly wipe down and clean your remote control. Germs are easily passed from hands to remotes back to hands so this is important for your health. Take your Kichler Hendrink ceiling fan remote and rub it down with a cotton ball damped (not drenched) with rubbing alcohol. Carefully use a cotton swab to get the buttons of the remote extra clean.