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Light up your home with affordable and fashionable Kichler Lamps. Kichler offers a wide range of stylish and portable lamps that require no permanent installation, and can be easily transported to any spot where illumination is needed. Table and floor lamps provide task lighting on your desk, table, or reading nook. These versatile lamps are available in a range of sizes, styles, and finishes to complement your home's decor. Pair these architecturally inspired lamps with Westinghouse light bulbs to beautifully illuminate your lanai or entryway. 
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Add Layers of Lighting with Kichler Lamps

Lamps provide general or ambient lighting without the commitment of a permanent light fixture. Kichler Lamps offer a variety of decorative table and floor lamps that bolster an existing lighting design by filling in dark areas and corners. Kichler table and floor lamps can be arranged to provide general, task and accent lighting, depending on the setting. In addition, these lamps are portable and can be easily moved to where additional illumination is required. Kichler Lighting lamps are fashioned with linen, satin, and art glass to create functional and decorative light sources. These table and floor lamps are available in an assortment of styles and finishes to complement any existing Kichler Lighting fixture or Kichler ceiling fans.

How to Effectively Use Kichler Lamps

Kichler Lamps can be configured to provide general, task, and accent lighting. For example, Kichler floor lamps can brighten dark corners and nooks as well as provide general illumination in a large room. However, these floor lamps can also provide task lighting when placed near a reading chair or desk. Kichler Lighting floor lamps have decorative columns and bases that add subtle design element to a room.

Kichler table lamps provide task lighting when placed near a reading chair or desk. Table lamps can also provide accent lighting to emphasize a unique decorative element. However, these table lamps, some with hand-painted porcelain, are so stylish that they can also serve as decorative accents themselves.

Kichler Lamps are an affordable way to bright and beautify you home. These multi-functional, decorative lamps require no permanent installation and are portable enough to be moved to where lighting is most needed. Select Kichler Lighting lamps from a variety of styles and finishes, ranging from traditional to modern, to illuminate and style any room in your home.