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Transform your plain bathroom into a tranquil, spa-like retreat with Kichler bathroom wall lighting. The trusted name in decorative lighting offers wall-mounted sconces and vanity lights that deliver the perfect amount of lighting, making tasks such as shaving and applying makeup much easier to perform. Pair your new Kichler bathroom wall light with a matching chandelier or pendant for an unexpected touch of glamour. Choose from a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to complement your bathroom decor. Mix and match Kichler fixtures to attain the best lighting results.

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Every Day Tasks Are Easier With Kichler Bathroom Wall Lighting

For many of us, the bathroom is a quiet sanctuary where we begin and end our hectic workdays. Therefore, it is important that this space be just as well lit and inviting as any other room in a home. Kichler bathroom wall lighting offers a selection of fixtures that incorporates the brand’s strong, inspirational designs with everyday function. As a result, daily routines are much easier to perform.

Avoid Dark Shadows with Kichler Wall-Mounted Bathroom Fixtures

Good lighting can affect our mood and sense of well-being. As we prepare to step out into the world, we may check our reflection on the bathroom mirror, only to be affected by what we see. Whether it is harsh lighting washing you out or insufficient lighting casting shadows under your eyes, proper lighting is an important part of our daily lives. To ensure a well-illuminated environment, Kichler bathroom wall lighting offers the following collection of wall-affixed fixtures:

  • Kichler bathroom sconces – Wall sconces are commonly used for illuminating a bathroom. Place a wall sconce on both sides of a bathroom mirror for even illumination that diminishes shadows under the eyes and chin.
  • Kichler bathroom lights with shades - These bathroom wall fixtures expand on the look and feel of traditional sconces by adding shades. The shades create a soft glow that inspires relaxation.
  • Kichler reversible bathroom lights - Reversible wall lights are a unique and versatile lighting fixture. These lights can installed to point downward for functional task lighting or reversed, as the name suggest, to point upward for soothing ambient lighting.
  • Kichler multi-light bathroom wall fixture – This fixture is ideal for compensating for minimal to no natural lighting in the bathroom. Select a fixture with three lights or four lights to produce sufficient general lighting.

Utilize Kichler bathroom wall lighting create a well-lit environment that is functional and soothing. Kichler bathroom wall lights are available in a variety of styles and finishes to complement your existing motif.

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