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Light Up Your Garden with Landscape Accent Lighting

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Highlight your home’s unique architectural elements with landscape accent lighting. Landscape accent lights include pathway lights, spot and accent lights, floodlights and wall lights, and deck and brick lights. Accent lights create dramatic illumination, including uplighting, downlighting, silhouetting, wall washing or cross lighting. Use accent lighting to illuminate your home’s landscape, including trees, shrubs and statues. These light fixtures are available in a variety of styles and finishes that coordinate with other exterior lights. Antique outdoor lighting adds beauty and security to your home’s exterior.

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Accent Your Home’s Exterior with Landscape Lighting

Create an eye-catching front yard and surrounding scenery with landscape accent lighting to emphasize key object and focal points. Manufacturers like Hinkley Landscape Lighting help homeowners showcase particular pieces of art work or other valuable and pretty items at home. Others may prefer to draw attention to water features or plants in the garden. The front yard is the first thing that visitors see while entering the house. Therefore, landscape accent lighting is given most attention to, keeping in consideration the grass lawn with a few flowers or shrubs, bushes, trees, pool area, deck, back porch, patio or veranda.

There are three main types of lighting used to style a landscape. Focused lighting is one which supplies a directed light source. This is essentially used to highlight the face of the house, such as doors, fountains, and statues. This kind of light can be harsh or easy on eyes, depending on the kind of light bulb used, and how close is the object to the light that is to be illuminated.

Multi-directional lighting is which provides general lighting to the area. These kinds of lights are not focused exclusively on one object, but on area as a whole. Flood lights, path lights, wall sconces, chandeliers, porch lights, and lamps provide adequate light to illumine a wide area. 

Ambient lighting is the use of indirect source of light that provides the style of lighting to improve the area of the ambiance. Some most common ambient light sources are the rope and tube light. These are the lights that are covered in plastic tubing that protects it from the elements. They are usually attached to the base of railings, on overhangs, or in umbrellas. They do not provide much light, but certainly makes an area look more alluring and well maintained. To make the appearance of the property and the yard more attractive and striking, landscape accent lighting is the most vital that is to be kept in mind, thus making the yard liven up.

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