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Save Energy with Lutron Light Dimmers | Save 33%

In the early 1960's, Joel Spira created one of the earliest residential light dimmers. Lutron light dimmers enable you to control the level of lighting in your room for special occasions, changing the mood and feel of your space. Use light dimmers to create mood, task or ambient lighting with Kichler Lighting fixtures. Now you can also control both your lighting and ceilings fans with the easy-to-use Lutron Maestro dimmer. Light dimmers help to reduce energy consumption and can save you anywhere from four percent to nine percent on your electricity bills over standard light switches.

Take on Energy Efficiency in your Home with Lutron Dimmers

One of the most essential home furnishings is lighting. Ideally, light is not solely for illumination as you would also prefer that the light level in each of your room varies depending upon your needs and your moods. Dimmers are devices that change the level of light in a room. The good news is that light dimmers are available on the market and one of the best brands recommended is Lutron. Del Mar Designs has a variety of Lutron lighting dimmers available to suite any preference. These dimmers can be used to regulate the voltage in pendant hanging lights and other light fixtures giving you control over light intensity. Customers can browse the wide selection of dimmer products to find the right one for their home or business.


Many homeowners enjoy the ability to determine the intensity of light in their home and Lutron dimmers are the best choice. Many homes and building owners are replacing their ordinary light switches and are using Lutron dimmer switch for lighting control instead. Lutron dimmers enable you to control different types of light sources offering both convenience and flexibility. They also give you ability to adjust cooling speeds with combination fan and light controls that work with ceiling fans with lights. Its most important feature is the presets, which allow the user to set light intensity according to what mood or need is required. You will marvel at what this awesome device does in creating comfort and the right ambiance in your home. Lutron dimmers are popular not only in homes, but hotels, restaurants and other places which need the proper set-up to create an ambiance in their establishment.


The proper mood of the atmosphere is established with a turn of a dial or click of a button. A Lutron dimmer switch sets the kind of ambiance you want in any room and offers homeowners and business owners more control over their environment. For a romantic candle lit dinner, you don’t need to turn off the lights. Using the Lutron dimmer, you just dim it and save yourself the trouble of looking for the switch when all the candles are gone. Lighting dimmers will greatly improve the ambiance of any room. Instead of applying the old fashioned method of switching off/on, match the level of light to your mood/activity.


Lutron sensors save energy; it turns off automatically when room is unoccupied. When the light system of your entire house is able to control dimmer lighting and save energy; you will maximize your savings and convenience. The energy consumption of the entire building is regulated with dimmers lighting as lights are turn on when rooms are occupied and off when unoccupied.