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Optimize your home with our Lutron Maestro Light Dimmer, Switch and Fan Control collection. Our over 250 varieties in different colors, designs and settings will make it easy to match your needs and home decor. Some including remotes for convenience. The remotes make it easy to dim your track lights from the comfort of your sofa. Track lighting can be an effective lighting solution for any home. For energy savers check out Lutron Maestro incandescent dimmer.
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How Owning a Lutron Maestro Dimmer Can Save You Money

Lutron Maestro’s rich history started in the 1950s in a makeshift lab specializing in wall lights at Joel Spira’s apartment in New York City. He set out believing in the possibility of having the comfort of wall lighting fixture dimming within one’s home. In 1961 Joel and his wife, Ruth Spira, incorporated Lutron Electronics with the belief consumers would want energy saving elegance with their light dimmers.

The Lutron Maestro dimmer features an easy to use tap switch that turns the lights on and off, a rocker dimmer to adjust lights manually and a delayed to fade off feature that allows you 10-60 seconds to exite the room before switching off.


Fun Fact- Lutron light controls has cut down electrical consumption by 9.2 billion kWh, which reduces customers’ electric bills by $1 billion annually. You can save even more on energy costs in your home with a Lutron Maestro low voltage dimmer.

Though Lutron holds over 2,700 worldwide patents today, Spira’s first invention of the simple rotary dimmer can still be found in many dining rooms today. With over 15,000 products under its name, Lutron means quality, comfort, control and savings (both energy and money). You can both save money and add class, elegance and conservation to your home with a Maestro dimmer.


Some of Our More Popular Lutron Dimmers

Multi Location 600 Watt Preset Magnetic Low Volt Light Dimmer - This Energy Star compliant and UL Indoor approved dimmer will save on your energy bill. It also comes in a variety of finishes to match any home décor.

Multi Location 1000Watt Preset Incant Light Dimmer - Energy Star, UL Indoor and California Title 24 compliant. This dimmer comes in many finishes, such as sea glass, merlot, mocha stone, plum, hot, limestone, midnight, brown, almond, gray, white and more.

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