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A pioneer in the lighting industry, Lutron Vierti light dimmers customize lights in any room to your desired setting and style. Lutron Vierti dimmers use LED technology to enhance your homes lighting. Also try Lutron Maestro dimmers. Light dimmers save on energy costs, work well at lowering light brightness in recessed lighting fixtures and also extend the life of a light bulb for added savings. Orders over $40 receive free shipping.

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Why You Need the Lutron Vierti Dimmer

Light dimmers are some of the most convenient, classy and stylish accessories you can add to your home. It allows you to control the mood of your rooms and the amount of energy you’re using with the touch of a button. Light dimmers will save you on your energy costs. And light dimming just got even easier.

Lutron Vierti light dimmer, an invention of the Lutron Company, brings light dimming to a new level. Lutron is known as the first company to create and mass market home light dimmers. They are known for creating quality lighting dimmers. You can now set the mood of any room in your home with a slight touch. Touch any place along the Lutron Vierti dimmer’s control bar and watch the high tech LEDs meet the tip of your finger changing the lighting setting. The Lutron Vierti dimmer comes in a huge assortment of fashionable colors for you to choose from, including almond, beige, black, brown, gray, ivory, sienna, taupe, white and many more. You can add a companion dimmer to dim up to five separate locations. A soft beep happens anytime your dimmer is engaged. The on/off status indicator softly glows so you can even find the control in a darkened room. You can customize your settings with the Advanced Programming Mode (APM).

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