Efficient Lithonia Lighting at Incredible Savings

The Lithonia Company has been creating a large variety of beautiful award-winning Energy Star light fixtures for over 60 years. Lithonia Lighting provides functional, stylish residential and commercial lighting options ranging from chandeliers to Lithonia recessed lighting. Lithonia Lights are know for quality, reliability, and solid performance on indoor and outdoor locations. So no matter what type of lighting project you’re working on, Lithonia will help illuminate your life. Don’t forget, all orders over $40 we will pay for your shipping costs.

Commercial and Residential Lighting Solutions - Lithonia Lights

As an Acuity Brands Company, Lithonia Lighting has been producing eco-friendly commercial, industrial, and residential illumination solutions for 60 years. The company has established a reputation for creating quality products and hallmark customer service, making it easier for customers to obtain the products and information they need to maintain a well-lit home, office, or business. Lithonia features a range of chandelier, cabinet, close-to-ceiling, pendant, wall-mounted, and recessed lighting as well as outdoor lighting and energy-efficient light bulbs. Lithonia is committed to sustaining lighting solutions with a variety of LED and lighting controls. These light fixtures are available in a range of styles and finishes to match your home, office, or commercial decor.

For residential customers, Lithonia Lighting offers chandelier, pendant, and wall lighting as well as cabinet lighting. Lithonia cabinet lighting includes over cabinet, under cabinet, and puck lights that are ideal for your illumination your kitchen countertops and work areas. These lights provide functional task lighting, making task like reading a recipe or chopping vegetables easier to perform.

For commercial and industrial consumers, the brand provides recessed, surface, and strip lights as well as wall-mounted commercial and industrial fluorescent products. Special application products are available for parking garages, cleaning rooms, and wet locations. Multi-level lighting and pulse start lights are also available for indoor use. Lithonia outdoor lighting includes a range of bollards and flood lighting as well as lighting for parking garages and canopies. Poles, pole brackets, and other outdoor accessories are available.

Many consumers may be put off by the initial cost of the latest LED technology lighting; however, an LED tube consumes three to four times less energy than a traditional light bulb. In addition, Lithonia LED light bulbs have a longer lifespan than conventional light bulbs. Investing in Lithonia Lighting in the end is more cost effective for you and the environment.

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