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MaxLite Lighting - Innovative Light Bulbs - 33% Off

For the last 20 years MaxLite has led the way with new technology innovation and advancing the benefits of energy efficient light bulbs with their in-house research and testing facilities. MaxLite offers a complete collection of LED light bulbs and fluorescent light bulbs. We offer a wide selection of Maxlite bulbs.

MaxLite Bulbs

In order to keep one’s electricity bill under control, efficient usage of electrical appliances is necessary. This is where bulbs manufactured by MaxLite plays a vital role. MaxLite is known for developing a low-mercury CFL and was named as U.S. Energy Star Partner in the year 2009. It manufactures high quality and energy-efficient bulbs. Both for daily based consumers and commercial or industrial outdoor light purposes Fluorescent Light Bulbs and Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) Light Bulbs by MaxLite are available.

The LED Light Bulbs have their own advantages as these can last up between 25,000 to 100,000 hours. Although these bulbs cost more than traditional light bulbs, you can save a handsome amount of money on electrical use. Using Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) helps in cutting one’s energy bills by huge margin. Around five to ten percent of energy budget is spent by a household on lighting. But with the use of this new lighting technology at home or at office one can reduce the consumption of light energy. As far as efficiency of CFLs max lite bulbs are concerned, these last about 4-10 times longer when compared to a standard incandescent bulb. The brightness and color rendition offered by CFLs is also at par with incandescent bulbs. In the long run, these CFLs save more energy; hence one should not be bothered about paying a little more and should choose these high-efficiency bulbs. The average Bulb life, wattage, light output of Max Lite light bulbs are outstanding as compared to the other standard light bulbs. MaxLite light bulbs can also be used in places where chandeliers, wall scones or multiple-socket fixtures are available. One should always be careful while buying the lighting appliances. There are chances of consumers being cheated by not getting authentic Max Lite bulbs. Make sure to always use a light bulb retailer that is knowledgeable in the field and can help elaborate on some of the different choosing available to consumers.

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