Rare Minka Aire Gyro Ceiling Fans | FREE Shipping

These exceptionally unique Minka Aire fans come in a variety of designs, sizes and finishes, including sterling walnut, brushed nickel, bronze, kocoa and more. Minka Aire Gyro technology allows the dual motor to accurately control the direction and intensity of the refreshing breeze, circulating the air in any size or shape room.

Stylish and Powerful Minka Aire Gyro Fans

Minka Aire is known for making some of the most unusual ceiling fans, their stylish designs paired with high performance make them a huge success. The Minka Aire Gyro fan is no exception to this. If you are looking to increase air flow and lighting to a particular room or area in your home, office, and any other enclosed environment, you cannot go wrong with a Gyro fan. For another unique looking fan try the Cirque ceiling fan. We offer fans in a wide variety of colors, and finishes, so you definitely have some flexibility when it comes to making your final decision.

Traditional Gyro ceiling fan by Minka AireGyro ceiling fans also has unique touches and decorations built into each design that make them stand out from one another. The Gyro Wet you have on your back porch can be completely different from the Vintage Gyro in your kitchen.

 If you prefer an antique look, opt for a traditional style Minka Aire Gyro fan with a sterling or belcaro walnut finish paired with sterling or belcaro walnut glass in the light. This comes with a three speed wall control with full range light dimming and reverse function.

If an industrial look suits your needs, choose the Gyro ceiling fan with the brushed nickel, brushed nickel wet, restoration bronze or oil-rubbed bronze finish. These fans are great in home or restaurant kitchens. The 82mm x 25mm motor ensures cooling comfort.