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The Minka Group has been creating high-quality designer lighting fixtures at affordable prices for over 50 years, and they founded Minka-Lavery as a base for their complete designer home and office lighting empire. The Minka Group consists of some of the biggest names in lighting, including Metropolitan, Ambience by Minka-Lavery, Minka-Aire, and many more.

Transform Your Home with Minka Lavery Outdoor Lights

Just as indoor lights transform the inside of your home, Minka-Lavery outdoor lighting fixtures will transform the exterior of your home by adding warm, welcoming light to your front entrance or back patio. Make the outside of your home just as vibrant as the inside by designing an exceptional lighting arrangement with Minka-Lavery outdoor dark sky lights, wall mounts, and post mounts. These ornate light fixtures are UL rated damp or wet, making them ideal for illuminating your patio and porch.

Design Your Ideal Outdoor Space with Outdoor Lighting

Why stop at just lighting the inside of your home? Take to the outdoors and design your ideal outside space. Outdoor lighting will enhance your home’s outer appearance and separate your home from the masses. Having a wide variety of outdoor light fixtures from reputable manufacturers, such as Minka-Lavery, ensures that you can find the exact light you’re looking for. Choose your new light fixtures from a generous selection of sizes, styles, and finishes to complement your home’s décor theme. Below are some lighting usage ideas for our Minka Lavery outdoor lights.

  • Use Minka Lavery exterior light posts to create a path for your guests in your front yard. Pair these lights with a simple brick path to add class to your home. An additional tip, try not to make your path straight like a runway, give soft curves for added symmetry and beauty.
  • For a welcoming front entrance, place Minka Lavery outdoor wall mounts on either side of your door. If you’re only using one wall mount, be sure to place it on the same side as the doorknob, so visitors’ faces are not in shadow when opening the door. Match your outdoor wall mounts to your indoor lights for a consistent look both inside and out.

  • When decorating your back deck, treat it as if you were decorating an interior room. Match comfortable outside furniture with accented walls and Minka Lavery outdoor fixtures like Minka Lavery outdoor pendants. Decide the feel and theme of your space before you begin designing to determine if it should be an extension of the interior of your home, or a completely contrasting area.   
  • Combine style and functionality to illuminate your front porch. Take Minka Lavery outdoor wall sconces and place on either side of your front door or bay windows for added accent lighting. For consistent lighting throughout your home, match your existing indoor Minka Lavery light fixtures to your new outdoor lights.


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