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While many choose to use any light fixtures in their homes, you've decided to make a bold statement with  Feiss chandeliers. The enchanting chandeliers pair well with Feiss wall lighting. Illuminate your bedroom, dining room, or foyer with a new chandelier from Feiss.

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The History of  Feiss Chandelier Lighting

For almost 60 years,  Feiss has offered a full line of interior and exterior residential lighting and lamps. Beautiful design and exceptional quality are the cornerstones of all Feiss fixtures. Started by selling small porcelain figurine lamps that were topped with Feiss’s mother’s hand sewn lampshades. Today they offer a huge line of products from wall sconces and lighting to  Feiss chandeliers and pendants.

Do and Don’ts of Owning a Feiss Chandelier

Do make sure your Feiss chandelier is the right size for your room. Try adding the size of your room together and using that as a general base for chandelier size. Exp. A 10’ x 15’ room would need a chandelier roughly 25 inches. Unless the piece is going over a table, then use the table as a base for the chandelier.

Don’t hang a fixture closer than four feet from any wall. Chandeliers need space to breathe and illuminate. Placing it too close to a wall could take away from the fixtures “wow” factor.

Do hang a dining area chandelier 30-32 inches above the table, unless the piece is a larger chandelier. Use your judgment and hang larger Feiss chandeliers higher.

Don’t limit your design with one chandelier in a larger room. Try two or more Feiss mini chandelier to help create your look. This will give your space more symmetry and luster.

Do install dimmers on your chandeliers to help create the ultimate mood lighting for any room in your home. The soft accent lighting also saves energy for your family.

Don’t be afraid to use Feiss chandelier lighting in multiple rooms in your home. Keep your homes central theme the same with multiple piece of art from this wonderful designer.

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