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Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Showcase your home's beauty after dark with bright outdoor lighting. Outdoor light fixtures not only enhance a home's exterior, they also provide a sense of security by illuminating your home's perimeter and dissuading would-be intruders. We offer a range of stylish fixtures, including outdoor chandeliers, lamp posts, and wall lights. Select antique outdoor lighting to enhance your home's traditional exterior.

Exterior Locations Require Exterior Lighting

Are you afraid of the dark? As long as you have exterior light fixtures, there is no need to worry about darkness! Depending on how exterior lighting fixtures are used and installed, outdoor lighting can also be called a number of things. Even with the advances in technology and design in lighting devices, exterior lighting has been extensively used for a long time now. Minka Lavery Outdoor has been creating exterior lighting solutions since 1938. The use of exterior lighting depends on the environment where the exterior light fixture will be installed. Some examples where light exterior fixtures are used are commercial, business establishments and of course your own home.

Here are a few of the benefits of outdoor lighting:

  • Safety - The use of outdoor lighting, including motion sensitive lighting, can help protect your home and discourage unauthorized and unlawful entry. Outdoor lighting makes an excellent addition to any existing home security system, or can be set up separately for additional protection.
  • Aesthetics - It adds artistry to the landscaping of your home. You can choose between up-lighting to aim fixture upwards to draw attention to a specific area or down-lighting to put a spotlight on a designated area. With the right kind of lighting, outside fixtures like fountains and statues can be highlighted which creates silhouettes and shadows. A beautiful backdrop for windows can also be produced by exterior light fixtures. Your home can have an increased curb appeal with these special finishing touches.
  • Convenience - Your family and friends can enjoy hanging out in your backyard, even after it gets dark. Barbecue parties can be hosted as you can clearly see how the food is getting cooked. Other than that, it is safer to take a dip in the pool once it has been properly lit.

Your house will stand out in the neighborhood after dark through your creative outdoor lighting. You will appreciate the sophisticated elegance and designs of these outdoor light fixtures that can complement the architectural features of your home. It is a fact that a well-lighted home is also a safer home.

There are also different types of ceiling lights to choose from at Del Mar Fans & Lighting that can be incorporated into a covered or enclosed patio area or covered outdoor areas.

  • Wall Lighting – One of the most common types of exterior light fixtures, outdoor wall sconces are practical approach to illuminating an entrance
  • Outdoor Flush Lights – It comes in a wide array of designs that is perfect for a homes exterior with lower ceilings.
  • Exterior Pendant Lighting – These can be used anywhere outside as long as the ceiling height supports the height of the fixture. These hanging ceiling lights have many styles and colors to choose from.
  • Outdoor Recessed Lighting – Creates a streamlined, clean look as it is installed within the ceiling. There is a wide selection ranging from New Construction Cans or Recessed Trims that can help to illuminate the room.

Outdoor lighting is very useful. Exterior lighting does not only make the landscape beautiful, but may help to make your home a safer place. Del Mar Fans & Lighting provides a variety of outdoor lighting options that can fulfill the needs of customers looking for landscaping lights and outdoor home security lights.