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Are you looking to showcase your home or garden's elegant landscaping after dark with bright outdoor lighting fixtures? Outdoor light fixtures, like those from Minka Lavery Outdoor, not only enhance a home's exterior and design, they also provide a sense of security by illuminating your home's perimeter and dissuading would-be intruders.

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What's the Best Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting is an easy, cost-effective way to add beauty, safety, and security to your home. Understanding which outdoor lights work best with your home's exterior and landscape will help you choose the right light fixtures for your garden, deck, and yard. Here are our top eight tips for choosing the best outdoor lighting fixtures for your home.

What Outdoor Lights Look Best?

Outdoor Flush Mounts- provide you and your guests with ample headroom without diminishing the quality of light. Install one on your front porch or back patio.

Outdoor Post Mounts- add sophistication to the exterior of your home. Place one in the center of your garden for extra charm.

Outdoor Wall Mounts- are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Install one on either side of your front door for an inviting entrance.

Elegant outdoor garden and landscaping light fixture

Security Lighting for Home Safety

Lighting is an integral part of an effective home security system. Outdoor security lighting discourages would-be intruders from targeting your home by increasing the risk of being caught. The best lighting design allows physical detection and facial recognition, minimizes hiding spots, and increases your sense of safety.

How Do I Avoid Light Pollution?

Unlike other forms of contamination and waste, light pollution remains largely overlooked and unregulated in many countries. Learn more about the cause,different types, and effects of light pollution, and how adjusting your use of outdoor lighting can help reduce this form of pollution.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting?

In a crowd of similar homes lining a street, differentiating your home from others, especially when it's dark outside, can often be difficult. The façade of your home is the first thing people notice, distinguish it from the general masses and make a memorable first impression by adding luminous outdoor light fixtures. Make the seamless transition from indoors to outdoors by choosing outdoor light fixtures that will reflect your home’s inside décor theme. Outdoor lights not only highlight your home’s unique architectural structure, but they also provide safety and peace of mind. Welcome your friends and family to your home by implementing remarkable light fixtures to the inside and outside of your house.

A few benefits of outdoor lighting are:

Aesthetics - outdoor lighting adds beauty and style to the outside of your home. Choose from a wide variety of outdoor path lights to safely illuminate the brick walkway leading to your pool. Submersible pond lights placed in a pond or water fountain will not only light up the water at night, but will also highlight certain elements in the pond such as flowers or fish.

Convenience - outdoor lights make it possible to stay outside long after the sun has gone down. Keep the party going all night and ensure that your guests have a great time by adding outdoor flush mounts, pendants, and deck lights to your backyard. Also, consider placing outdoor wall mounts and recessed lights on your front porch for an inviting entryway.

Safety - outdoor security lights, including those with motion detection, can help protect your home by discouraging potential burglars. Minimize the risk of an unlawful intruder and maximize your safety by adding outdoor security lighting to your home.

Outdoor light fixtures are available in a wide variety of types and styles, making it easy to meet your particular décor needs. In addition to being widely appealing, outdoor lights are also UL approved for wet or damp locations so that they can withstand Mother Nature’s unpredictable weather. Adding the right landscape lighting scheme to your yard will add charm and value to your home. Outdoor lights are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to deviate from the typical or average. At Del Mar Fans & Lighting, we offer a vast array of high quality and well-made outdoor light fixtures from trusted manufacturers.

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