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Do you enjoy the look of the seemingly handmade arts & crafts designs? Craftsman outdoor lighting, also known as exterior bungalow fixtures, offers detailed square tubing framework with a hammered brass or copper appearance. Many arts & crafts styles attempt to recreate the industrial era and the transition from gas lamps into electric. Craftsman outdoor lighting exemplifies the meaning of hard work and attention to detail through the combined use of glass, metal, and wood.

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Mission Style Outdoor Lighting

Mission style outdoor lighting represents the period using simple metal framework encasing a plethora of glass panel colors and designs. These exterior fixtures utilize mostly darker color metals and designs like bronze, iron, slate, hammered, or hand painted. The combination of these finishes along with the clear seedy, mica, opal, or amber glass panels creates this iconic retro industrial feel for your front porch, fence post, or back patio. Be sure to continue searching for the best size and exterior location for the perfect placement.

Is the industrial era too far back you’re your current décor? Try browsing for a rustic outdoor light fixture to find a similar style without remaining in the old-school structural design. There is a wide selection of accessories offered for any wet location around the exterior of your home. Shop outdoor home lighting for a wide range of lighting styles and designs for you to find the ideal back porch or patio fixture.

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