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Dark Sky Outdoor Lighting | Save 33%

Dark sky outdoor lights are specially designed to reduce light pollution in the night sky. These environmentally friendly light fixtures reduce light trespass and minimize glare that can be harmful to birds and baby turtles. Choose from a variety of dark sky lights to brighten the exterior of your home.


Why Do We Need Dark Sky Lighting?     

The urban sprawl of our popular has had quite the effect on the night sky. Once upon a time you could look up and see stars for miles in the night sky. However, with more people moving into rural and urban areas light population has become a real issue in our environment.  Dark sky exterior lighting, dark sky outdoor post lights and flush mount outdoor lights can help prevent this.


The International Dark Sky-Association (IDA) has been increasing awareness of light population for over 20 years. They don’t believe in no lighting, they just believe in lighting when you need it, where you need it and no more. The IDA would like to do away with harsh lighting and glares the really increase light pollution.


In additional to saving you money on your electric bill dark sky outdoor lighting can save our wildlife. Birds are most affected by this issue. The harsh lights confuse and disorient the migration patterns of a lot of up to 450 species of birds. They often collide into towers and get lost on their journey due to glares.


Baby sea turtles are also greatly hurt by harsh lights. The lights confuse hatchlings making them crawl away from the ocean or endlessly search the beach, leaving them exposed to predators. Artificial lighting causes Salamanders to hunt less for food and tree frogs to reproduce less. Do your part to help reduce light poplution by purchasing dark sky lighting.

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