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Solar Post Light

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Do have a hard to reach dark spot in your yard? Use a solar post light to brighten that area without extensive electrical installations. The wet rated pole mounted fixtures are an elegant solution to illuminate the far-off dark areas of your property. A solar post light provides the needed brightness for any exterior area of your home that you need added visibility.

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Solar Lamp Post Information

Solar lamp post accessories are the ideal way to add illumination around the outside of your house. These special lanterns generally run on internal rechargeable batteries when the dusk-to-dawn switch is activated. They become charged after spending time outside in the daytime and the sun-rays are absorbed and transferred into power for the fixtures. Some of these lanterns even have pier mount brackets available for ease of installation.

Are you trying to find an illumination option that’s more efficient? Outdoor LED post mount lights allow LED efficiency to be combined with the ease and flexibility of pier and other top mount accessories. Every fixture is UL wet rated and made with protective coating to protect against harsh weather conditions. Check out other outdoor lighting fixtures to be sure the exterior housing, size, and placement all matches to your plan.