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Reduce the risk of nighttime crime with outdoor security lighting. Outdoor security lights and garden lighting are a practical and effective way to minimize the occurrence of a crime by illuminating your home's entrances, pathways, and perimeters. Choose from a variety of styles to match your home.


Outdoor Security Lighting Keeps Unwanted Intruders Away

Our homes or businesses are where we spend our time and in those places, we want to feel safe; but if the area is dark, there may be an increased chance of injury or crime. Outdoor security lighting can solve that problem by illuminating walkways, doorways and those dark shadowed areas where intruders can lurk. Often, just the fact that an area is lit by exterior security lighting makes us feel better. It is important to place security lighting exterior fixtures carefully. Poorly placed outdoor security lights can cause glare, which can cause glare problems and become more of a visual deterrent than a helpful tool.

Contemporary security lighting comes in various forms to meet all the different needs of a business or home like outdoor pendants and ceiling fixtures. Infrared lighting turns on when there is movement or a heat source to activate it, which means a stranger walking or driving by the sensor, will cause the light to come on. An outdoor security light can be attached to one or several light fixtures. This makes such outdoor security lighting a good choice for driveways and pathways. Consider adding a switch to this exterior security lighting as well so that you can leave the light on continually as needed.

If security lighting is to be left on all night, than a high-intensity discharge lamp or LED security lights might be a good choice. This type of lighting is energy efficient and therefore costs you less than other extended use lighting. Direct lighting is best so use a shielded or full cut-off fixture housing that conceals the bulb. This will best direct light on the designated area and away from passersby. Another way to reduce glare is to use multiple fixtures over one very bright light. This will also mean that some light will remain if one bulb were to burn out.

Be sure that any security light fixtures are outdoor fixtures, meaning they are waterproof and able to handle the elements. With any outdoor security lights, make sure that a trespasser cannot tamper with them by mounting they in inaccessible areas.

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