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Security Lighting & Flood Lights

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Reduce the risk of nighttime crime by installing outdoor security lighting. Outdoor security light fixtures are a practical and effective way to prevent crime by lighting dark areas outside your home. Choose your security lights from a wide variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. For a consistent look throughout your home, choose lights that will pair well with your existing outdoor light fixtures.

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Security for Home Safety

Outdoor lighting adds beauty and dimension to a home. Lighting is also an integral part of an effective home security system. Outdoor security lighting discourages would-be intruders from targeting your home by increasing the risk of being caught. The best security lighting design allows physical detection and facial recognition, minimizes hiding spots, and increases your sense of safety.

How Can I Avoid Light Pollution?

What is light pollution? Light pollution is the excessive, misdirected or invasive use of artificial outdoor lighting. Unlike other forms of contamination and waste, light pollution remains largely overlooked and unregulated in many countries. Learn more about the cause, different types, and effects of light pollution, and how adjusting your use of outdoor lighting and purchasing security lights with energy efficient LED bulbs can help reduce this form of pollution.    

Fancy outdoor lights for building security

What are the Benefits of Security Lights?

You use light fixtures in your home to help you see when it gets dark, so why wouldn’t you do the same for the outside of your house? Your home or business is where you spend the majority of your time, so naturally you want to feel safe and secure in those places. However, if those areas are not properly illuminated it may impair your vision and leave you susceptible to a potential crime or injury. Outdoor security lighting can solve that problem by lighting walkways, doorways, and heavily shadowed areas where intruders might be lurking.

The best outdoor security lights will be ones that are UL rated for wet locations, which means they are water-resistant and are made with reliable materials to withstand the outdoors. Exterior security lights don’t have to look bulky or intimidating; in fact, decorative security lighting will give your home a smooth, streamlined look. Purchase security lights that will match your home’s indoor lighting style for a consistent look and feel throughout your home.

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