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Gentle Turtle Safe Lighting - Save 33%

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Do you need to add some safety near a coastline without affecting the habitats? Using turtle light fixtures around the sandy nesting areas will help cause less confusion during the active seasons. The emittance using a longer wavelength will allow people to move around in these spaces where normal illumination may disturb natural forces. Install turtle light accessories close to the waterfront near these zones to do your part to preserve the environment.

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Safe Beach Lighting to Preserve the Ecosystem

Utilizing beach lighting to brighten hotels, condos, parking spots, and other areas requiring illumination will help save the environment. After decades to reach sexual maturity and traveling thousands of miles to reach a breeding site, the female shelled reptiles will land on a coastline to deposit the clutch of 50-350 eggs. These new hatchlings will crawl towards the brightest horizon which could be towards your home or hotel if the housings and bulbs are not safe. The fixtures used around the dunes, near water, and coastlines should use a red or amber LED which is invisible to sea turtles to prevent human interference with nature.

Is your shoreline away from protected reptile mating areas? Outdoor Dark Sky approved lighting might be the better option for environmental conservation with bright illumination. Exterior fixtures for around your home can be big, small, dim, or blinding. Browse for the perfect outdoor lighting fixture to ensure your friends and family’s safety with a relaxing ambience.

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