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Elegantly Suspended Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is extremely versatile and adds a subtle elegance to a home’s entryway, kitchen, or dining room. Pendants lights are available in a variety of styles and finishes as well as sizes, ranging from mini pendant lights to large pendants. Select multiple pendant light fixtures and create a unique lighting design. We offer free shipping on your orders over $40.

Choose From a Variety of Pendant Lighting Fixtures for Your Rooms

Pendant lighting are ceiling lights that hang and are decorative. Pendant light fixtures usually come in a multitude of designs and colors. Because of their versatility, these types of hanging light fixtures can be utilized in any room of your residence. Regardless of the décor inside any residence, it is easy to find the right pendant lighting fixtures that will work to complement the style of a home.


In its most basic definition, lighting pendant fixtures are basically light fixtures that hang down from the ceiling, from which they are suspended by a cord, a metal rod, or at times even a chain. Traditionally, pendant lighting is never used alone; kitchen pendants made by Hinkley Lighting used with other pendant lights for hanging in straight lines over a dinette set or over a kitchen counter top. Lighting pendants feature many various materials from which they are made, like metal, glass, or plastic. Glass pendants range in style from classic to contemporary motifs. Pendant lighting fixtures is also famous for offering people a great number of sizes from which to pick.


At, shoppers have a multitude of varieties to peruse when deciding on lighting pendants. On this e-tailing website, prices for pendant lights can sometimes reach up into the thousands of dollars, but there are also, by comparison, cheaper and more reasonable pendant lights that cost less than $100.


The 1LT Pendant and the Large Linear Blown Glass Pendant represent this range of extremes on perfectly. For people on a budget, the 1LT Pendant is the ideal choice, costing less than $100, but offering all the right ambiance of pendant lighting. This lighting pendant comes with several feet of adjustable cable, a satin nickel finish, a twisted dark sunset glass and hand blown shade, 100 watts of power, and a halogen light bulb. Together, this makes a satisfying buy for someone not willing to spend a lot.


On the flip side, the more-than-$1000 Large Linear Blown Glass Pendant is the pendant lighting structure to purchase if a homeowner desires a more fancy effect in their home. With a black hardware finish, this pendant lighting piece features five bulbs all suspended in a series and a shade of flambeaux glass and snowflake.


Pendant lighting is what homeowners go to if they want more ambiance in their homes, along with brighter rooms. The marketplace supports hanging light fixtures for a whole variety of purposes, from cheaper and simpler lighting to more ornate and, thus, more expensive choices. Part of the fun in selecting pendant lighting relates to which particular style and variety to choose. With so many available at, the hardest decision is settling on just one.