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Alabaster Pendant Lighting Fixtures|Black Friday Sale!

Your kitchen is the heart of your home so why not enhance it with the right lighting? Rustic kitchen pendant lighting brings a beautiful glow to your home. Browse thousands of styles, sizes and colors to find the perfect light for your kitchen. Kitchen pendant lighting will add quality functional design to any home decor.

What Are Kitchen Pendants Used For?

Pendant lighting is essential to your kitchen’s atmosphere and design. This is where you nourish your body and create meals filled with love for your family. The kitchen is where mothers and fathers teach daughters and sons the magic of baking for the very first time, where you spend holidays creating flavorful master pieces (give yourself the credit) for those you love and where a lot of heart to heart talks happen over milk and cookies.

The worst mistake people make when lighting a kitchen is the “glare bomb” affect. Having one central light that’s supposed to light your entire kitchen. This causes annoying bright lights at the center and dim lights in places like the sink where stronger light is often needed. Kitchen pendant lights are perfect for alleviating this problem.

Lames Mini Low-Volt Blown Glass Kitchen Pendant

Ambient Versus Task Kitchen Pendant Lights

You want to place multiple brighter kitchen pendant lights such as the ET2 Larmes Mini Low-Volt Blown Glass Round Pendant in the central places you will need task lighting. Some places you need task lighting in the kitchen includes over the bar or wherever you will be chopping, and over sinks where dishes will be washed. Anywhere you will be working or cooking in your kitchen.

Ambient lighting is important because it humanizes your space giving softer lines and shadows on your loved ones faces and adding warmth to the area. This adds to conversations and intense emotional moments. Mini pendant lighting for kitchens are great for adding ambience. These can be added in places like islands or above tables where people are more likely to spend time sitting and chatting or eating breakfast.

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