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Let us Illuminate Super Savings on Modern Pendant Lighting

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Imagine if you could transform your walls from plain and boring to beautiful and unique. You can with our decorative wall lighting, with so many different styles, colors and sizes, including modern exterior pendant lights. We have what you need to add ambiance to any hallway, patio, walkaway, bathroom, kitchen or even garage.

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How to Create the Perfect Atmosphere with Your Modern Pendants

Bring your home into the 21st century with pendants. Minimalistic sculpted designs meet industrial edge with these modern pendants.  Pendants are great for creating warm, calming ambient lighting. This ambient lighting effect can be produced with both LED bulbs or halogen light bulbs in your fixture.

Tips for Modern Pendant Lights

One of the biggest “uh ohs” people make when getting pendant lighting is installing the light too high or too low. This causes it to look unattractive and create poor lighting in the room. Typically, the bottom of the modern pendant should be between 64-68 inches from the floor. This allows the light to reach across the room without being in your way.  Taller vaulted ceilings work well with barred fixtures such as the Structures Large Round Pendant by Kichler.

Make sure to place stronger brighter lights like modern glass pendant lights in “task” work areas. These are spaces you cook, read and work in, over kitchen sinks or chopping stations should have task lighting as well as bathroom mirrors/sinks. Don’t forget walk in closets and dressing mirrors need stronger lighting too. Ambient lighting (or “mood” lighting) can be placed over bathtubs, dining areas and beds. Areas you most typically relax. To have the best of both worlds consider adding a dimmer to the spaces you work and play such as your living room.

Your pendant lighting fixtures should be dusted regularly to ensure shine and beauty. Use a dry soft cloth to wipe dust off fixtures. Twice a year you should clean your pendant using a mild soapy water solution. Make sure the breaker to your lighting is on is turned off before beginning and be sure your décor is completely dry before turning it back on. 


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