Historic Period Arts Bodega Ceiling Fan - Free Shipping

The Period Arts Fan Company knew what they were doing with these Bodega ceiling fans were modeled after the early 20th century designs of Dick Van Erp. They showcase the West coast Arts and Crafts movement with bare rivet assembly and hammered metal. Though they posses an antique look, the Period Arts Bodega ceiling fans are equipped with strong modern motors that produce a 97.8 airflow efficiency rating.

Bring the Power and Unique Beauty with Period Arts Bodega Fans

Period Arts Bodega hammered steel ceiling fans are truly a work of art. These fans have an interesting look that will surely draw attention. Period Arts Schoolhouse ceiling fans also have a very interesting design. It’s as if time has stood still since the designs of the early 1900s.

The 153mm x 18mm motor produces a powerful aiflow of 5193 cubic feet per minute. The Bodega ceiling fan motor house is available in hammer steel and rubbed bronze finishes. The standard size 42” blades can come in black, maple, white, mahogany and silver. You can also get slightly larger 52” at no extra cost in black, silver, white or mahogany shades.

The Period Arts Bodega has a wide assortment of accessories that can be added to these fans. We offer downrods in the following sizes, 12”, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” or 72”. We also have various wall mounted controls, including energy saving dimming devices for the fans with lights. You can purchase a wall control and remote control package to make your cooling experience even more convenient. Beautiful 75-watt amber mica incandescent indoor lights can be added to these fans. Finally, these ceiling fans are adaptable to both flushed and sloped mounting adaptors.