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Illuminate your path with stylish and sturdy outdoor recessed lighting. Select a stylish outdoor recessed lighting trim that complements your home. Get a fixture with a sealed trim designed to withstand most exterior weather conditions. An outdoor wall light will help add a layered light effect to the space with exterior recessed lights. These trusted brands take little space and are installed directly into the ceiling.

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What’s the Difference of Interior and Outdoor Recessed Lights?

You might be wondering the difference between interior and outdoor recessed lighting. The two types are very similar except for the housing design. The housing for outdoor is much more durable and built with a sealed trim. It’s built to withstand extreme temperatures and wet weather. For this simple fact it is imperative you never use interior recessed ceiling light fixtures on the exterior of your home. The light will get damaged and potentially become an electrical issue.

Exterior recessed lighting is great for accenting a home and for the safety of your guests. These lights can help illuminate the pathway to your door or through your back yard to help minimize injuries from accidents or falling in the dark. Your outdoor recessed lighting can also help scare away any prowlers.

We carry low voltage outdoor recessed lighting to help you go green. This will help keep your home energy efficient and save on the cost of electric. Also the newer low voltage light bulbs last hundreds of hours longer than traditional bulbs.

Before purchasing outdoor recessed lighting make sure to create an outline of where you’d like to place it and what kind of design you’re looking to create so you know how many lights and which kinds you need.


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