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For 90 years, Sea Gull ceiling fans have artfully complemented and cooled the interior of many homes. Sea Gull fans are made from quality materials that are appropriate for indoor or outdoor use, and are available in a variety of unique designs and finishes. A Sea Gull fan enhances the look and feel of a room.

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Sea Gull Ceiling Fans - A First-Rate Choice Since 1919

Henry Siegel founded Sea Gull Lighting in 1919, just after World War I, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Seigel designed and patented portable and hardwired fixtures at the small specialty store, but it was not until after World War II that the business really expanded as demand for lighting increased. The company grew over the years and eventually introduced ceiling fans. Sea Gull ceiling fans provide decorative designs, quality materials, and superior finishes that come together to create a unique fan that will flatter any room in your home, office or business. Sea Gull fans are an affordable way to cool or heat your home on any budget.

The Benefits of Owning A Sea Gull Fan

A Celebrity Deluxe celebrity fan in a white finish from Sea Gull Fans.Ceiling fans are becoming predominant fixtures in many households. As technology advances, manufacturers like Sea Gull ceiling fans are offering energy efficient models and remote controlled units that modify the fan’s speed and blade direction to help homeowners save energy and money. Here are a few ways the Sea Gull Fan Company is using technology to make your life more comfortable.

A Sea Gull indoor ceiling fan helps to reduce energy cost during the summertime by producing a cool breeze that makes the user feel to eight degrees cooler, which allows the user to turn up the thermostat setting without sacrificing comfort. In addition, an indoor Sea Gull fan’s blades can be adjusted to rotate in a clockwise direction during the winter, which distributes warm air trapped near the ceiling back down to the floor.

A Sea Gull outdoor ceiling fan brings temperature control and comfort to outdoor living spaces like verandas and patios. Look for Sea Gull outdoor ceiling fans with UL-ratings of damp or wet as these fans are made with moisture and rust resistant materials. Outdoor fans allow homeowners and guests to spend time outdoors, whether gardening or grilling, and remain cool and comfortable.

A Sea Gull ceiling fan with lights is suitable for lighting and ventilating any room or space in a home, office or business. Sea Gull ceiling fans with lights range from traditional to modern and from contemporary to eclectic to ensure a unique design.

Sea Gull Ceiling Fans Are Energy Efficient

One of the biggest expenses in a household budget is energy. Sea Gull Energy Star-rated fans use 70 percent less energy than traditional ceiling fans. These fans can also include lighting, which are 50 percent more efficient than traditional fan and light combos. The Celebrity Deluxe Collection is a popular line of Sea Gull energy-efficient fans. This collection offers dependable performance, three speed motor, oversized motor housing, high quality plywood blades, and a stable hanging system with a safe locking downrod system.

Article Written by +Colby Harris