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Don't let your decor just exist, make it thrive with stylish designs and colors. Create lighting accents through these contemporary table lamps and contemporary glass table lamps. These versatile lamps are ideal for apartments and spaces where permanent lighting changes can't be made.
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How a Table Lamp Can Help Task and Accent Lighting

Table lamps create many different kinds of lighting. Contemporary table lamps can be used for task lighting while reading or working or accent lighting to add to the design of your living space. Below we’ve given some table lamp suggestions for each type of lighting.

Task Lighting. When it comes to task lighting you’re going to want a stronger light so you can see what you’re actually doing. Downlighting and contemporary chrome table lamps work exceptionally well for this. Here’s our top picks for task lighting.

Eco-Task Small Adjustable Swing Arm Table Lamp. This is a very minimalistic lamp that can move to help you wherever the lighting is needed. It’s great of end tables in the living room, side tables in the bedroom and on counters in the bathroom and kitchen.

Passion Tall Table Lamp. This is more stylish contemporary table lamp lighting. The hand sewn red or black fabric shade helps focus the 100 total watts light. The bend arm allows the light to hover over your work.

Accent Lighting. Designing accent lighting takes a very keen eye. It’s all about how the light illuminates the colors and shapes around it. This lighting is mostly aesthetic but can be a part of the ambient light surrounding you room.

Justice Design Torchiere Table Lamps. These come in such different designs and shapes they are perfect for accent lighting. These lamps are beautiful and uniquely shaped light candle lighting. Placing these on end tables right in front of an accent wall would make a nice lighting design. These also work well for lighting in bathrooms.

Circus Small Glass Table Lamp. This one light 100 total watt flat designed piece would be great in bedrooms and on desks to give a soft warm radiation to your space.

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