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Modern Track Lighting | On Sale Now

Track lighting systems are versatile light fixtures because they can be mounted on ceiling or walls. Track lighting add a modern touch to a new or renovated home. Minka Lavery Lighting track lighting with pendants are ideal for lighting a kitchen, dining area, or study area. We have a variety of design, sizes and colors of track lights from top designers.

Why Track Lighting Is Great For Your Home

Track lighting is a beautiful modern form of lighting for your home. As track lights grow in popularity across the world we offer huge saving. We also offer track lighting kits that compliment Hinkley lighting fixtures for easy style matching and installation. Make an innovative looking lighting system in your bathroom, living room, kitchen, hallway, garage, mancave, office, breakfast nook or wherever you'd like to spice up your living space.


How It Works

Track lighting fixtures can be placed anywhere on your track device, which features electrical conductors. If you have a particularly high ceiling, such as a vaulted ceiling, then designer track lighting can also be used in that situation. Most track lighting systems have line voltage that powers through a recessed track. Such a track lighting fixture may even be one that features more than one live conductor. In lighting track systems, there are three standard tracks that are utilized: the “L,” “J,” and “H” tracks.


Did You Know You Could Design It Yourself?

Create unique lighting designs with flexible track lighting. These lighting kits move and bend to your needs. This helps you create a one of a kind design specifically for your home. Some ideas for adding track lights to your living space include, lining your hallway with the tracks, placing them over a vanity or bathroom mirror, use it as a wall light, lining your shower, bed or couch with track kits, using curved or flexible tracks around your kitchen for task lighting, using them above your office desk or highlighting artwork.