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Antique wall lighting provides a warm, hospitable glow to a home’s walls and their surrounding areas. Antique wall lights feature traditional designs and classic finishes that enhance a home’s vintage décor. Antique wall sconces are ideal for illuminating hallways, offices, or bathrooms.

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Give Your Walls a Vintage Glow with Antique Wall Lights

Antique wall lighting is a style of wall lighting that appeals to homeowner’s with old-fashioned décor values. At Delmarfans.com, we offer a plethora of antique wall light choices for any shopper to browse through. Select a vintage-inspired wall sconce to complement existing antique pendant lighting.

Wall lighting is a lighting solution that is used by people who want to install more lights in any given room, but are restricted in their options by a ceiling that may be too high. If a ceiling in a room is too high, then adding additional light fixtures on it will not be a possibility. In this regard, wall lighting is the perfect alternative since it attaches directly onto any wall without the need for a base of support. Once installed, antique wall lighting offers people in the room a warm glow that creates a more inviting atmosphere.

Antique wall lights are available in a range of shapes to please all customers on Delmarfans.com. Customers who are serious about installing Victorian wall lights will find that they can pick among swing arm, candle, torchieres, and shade-featuring shapes. With the diverse line of products on Delmarfans.com, online shoppers must also make a decision on the number of lights they want on their antique wall lighting product. Del Mar Designs features such Victorian wall lights that come with 1, 2, 3, or 4 light designs.

Price-wise, antique wall lighting features prices for anyone. People who want to splurge on very fancy antique wall lights can do so, but so can people who are on a budget or just want to try this style of lighting for the first time. The cheapest antique wall lights start at less than $50. Conversely, the most expensive model will run shoppers several thousands of dollars.


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