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Traditional wall lighting features soft shapes, ornate flourishes and classic finishes designed to match your home’s distinguished motif. To illuminate a formal dining room, pair traditional wall-mounted lamps with a traditional chandelier or pedant light. Select a wall fixture from one of our respected manufacturers that will weather any fleeting trend.

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Withstand the Test of Time with Traditional Wall Lighting

There are some things that never go out of fashion – a little black dress, denim jeans, and quality craftmanship. Traditional wall lighting uses long-standing design elements to create timeless fixtures with simple shapes and lasting finishes. Traditional wall lights are subtle enough to blend in with most home décor treatments. Traditional wall sconces produce a warm and friendly glow that is suitable for use in the bathroom, living room or hallway. Traditional wall-mounted lights are a versatile lighting choice. Residence owners can use traditional wall lights to brighten all aspects of their home, including:

  • Traditional bathroom fixtures – Conventional wall-mounted lights are an ideal lighting solution for the washroom. They provide varying degrees of task, accent or general lighting depending on where they are placed. They are also compact and require no valuable counter or vanity space.
  • Traditional hallway fixtures – A linear arrangement of identical wall fixtures transforms the look and feel of a common walking area by creating the illusion of a lengthier corridor. These fixtures also provide general lighting for residents as they ascend and descend stairs.
  • Traditional dining fixtures – These fixtures are a perfect accompaniment to existing light fixtures like traditional chandelier or traditional pendant lights. They can provide general and mood lighting depending on where they are place on a wall.
  • Traditional outdoor fixtures – Use traditional wall sconces on both sides of a front door for a glowing and welcoming entrance that guest will surely appreciate. Additionally, a single wall-mounted light placed on the side entrance ensures proper and secure lighting as residents enter and exit the home.

Moreover, traditional wall lighting can also be used to highlight new artwork or an interesting architectural element in a room. These lighting fixtures can be used in combination with other traditional fixtures or lighting dimmers to create a cohesive and well-lit space. Choose a traditional wall light in an array of different finishes from one of our many trusted manufacturers.

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