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Lighting Accessories for Your Home

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What are some odds and ends you should have on hand when you love DIY home remodeling? Light fixture accessories are always a good option. You never know when you might need a 100W transformer with a wet rating. However, you will soon find out when you are mounting a chandelier and need to dial voltage down to 24 volts and are looking around for available accessories for light fixtures. Another good item to keep on hand is a multi-port canopy for chandelier lighting.

Common Light Fixture Accessories to Put in Your Tool Case

The simplest lighting fixture accessories are mounting systems that let you adjust the height of the fixture. They come in various heights and thicknesses. Pier mounts are add-on accessories for lighting fixtures that give you the freedom to attach them to columns. They vary from post mounts, which are great for exterior installations along a fence. Other light fixture compatible accessories that are nice to have are lens covers to change the way you experience the illumination in your space.

Do you want to keep the ceiling fixture the way the manufacturer intended it? Many shoppers do; however, those who have other plans need add on accessories for ceiling fans. These let you make changes to installation heights and other details. Besides that, you might use enhancements for ceiling fans and light fixtures to change the way these appliances fit in with the interior decor or even just a seasonal mood.