Open & Caged Ceiling Fans with Twin Motors Black

Are you looking for an efficient fan with a unique design? Dual ceiling fans, and other twin motor fans, circulate a great amount of air from double the amount of motors a standard fan offers while maintaining a single attachment point to the roof. A calm, cool ambience can also be created outdoors with lights and a small breeze with finishes like bronze, brushed nickel, and white. Dual ceiling fans have blades on each head that face opposite directions and generally oscillates to help maximize air flow.

Double Head and Twin Motor Fans

Dual ceiling fans are available in many sizes, shapes, styles, designs and even with lights. Twin motor fans come in bronze, white, and brushed nickel shades to accommodate any room or patio décor. The blades come in different shapes and styles to create a uniform look in your home while adding the calming breeze. Twin motor fans have an efficient double sided design that helps boost air circulation for tight rooms, or those without many mounting options.

Also featured are two motors that provide powerful performance and airflow. The Minka Aire Fan Company introduced the original dual motor ceiling fan which is still in production today. Many fan manufacturers have produced their own versions since.

The primary purpose of any fan is to improve the airflow in the room or space where they are installed, and in most cases, a single-motor ceiling fan with one set of blades is sufficient for a given area. However, some rooms may require a ceiling fan with more than one motor and one set of blades to create an efficient draft. Two motors and two sets of heads effectively heighten the fan’s ability to cool a particular area. It is suitable for multiple applications, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications, and can easily take the place of a standard ceiling fan.

They also provide a strong design element for a home or office. They feature decorative downrods and motor houses. Like common single-motor ceiling fans, a gyro fan is available in a variety of designs, finishes, and styles, ranging from classic to contemporary. These ceiling fans also offer additional options like UL wet and damp listed, light kits and remote control. The fans sometimes incorporate a functional lighting kit for added convenience. With a vast range of dual fans, homeowners are sure to find a model that will complement their home’s individual décor.

There are many other accessories that offer a similar cooler effect. Dual motor ceiling fans with lights are the closest thing, except with the ability to brighten your space. There are also UL listed wet and damp rated fans for your porch. Outdoor ceiling fans cool the warm, damp outside patio for all of your friends, family, and guests.

If you are looking for a gorgeous fixture to match a certain décor, there are many finishes to browse. Bronze ceiling fans are a common choice when deciding on the perfect overhead accessory. You may not be sure what the best type, style, or design to get for your décor. We welcome you to discover the best types of fans for your home.

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