Energy Star Ceiling Fans

Who says that functionality has to come with a utilitarian look and feel? Energy efficient ceiling fans can save you money and underscore your interior décor choices at the same time. They come in contemporary, rustic, airplane, and antique styles. Moreover, Energy Star ceiling fans also feature attractive lighting kits. Most support LED light technology to bring the savings to this operational element as well.

Which Efficient Fan Provides the Right Airflow for Your Setting?

Energy efficient fans work best when you focus on the size of the appliance along with its output. In this way, a 52-inch blade length is a great option for a living space, while a 60-inch design could be the right setup for a large bedroom with en suite. By the way, Energy Star fans are rated for indoor or outdoor use. Many also feature a wet rating, which makes them suitable for bathroom and pool house installations. When you combine the good looks of energy saving ceiling fans with their environmental friendliness, it makes sense to give this technology another look.

How do you know what type of fan to select for your home? You will notice that the most efficient ceiling fans are grouped together at the store. Doing so allows you to be an informed shopper. Best of all, the most high efficiency ceiling fans will be labeled as such.

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