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Energy Star ceiling fans provide a way to cool a space with a fraction of the standard energy usage. These fans are 20% more efficient than standard ceiling fans, allowing you to raise the temperature of a room as much as 10 degrees. Cut energy costs with indoor ceiling fans and outdoor ceiling fans. We also have low profile ceiling fans that are perfect for low ceilings.

How You Can Be More Energy Efficent

Established in 1992 by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ENERGY STAR is the international standard for energy efficient products, including  ceiling fans. ENERGY STAR ceiling fans use less energy to operate and maintain. In addition, these fans have improved blade designs and motors that move air more efficiently than traditional ceiling fans. Homeowners can then reduce the use of air conditioning or heating devices. ENERGY STAR fans help save on the overall electric bills and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Using Energy Star products will help you conserve energy and help our enviroment. Energy efficient ceiling fans are available for you to purchase with or without light fixtures. However, energy efficient fans with lights are 50% more efficient than traditional ceiling fan and light units, and can help you save up $15 per year on utility bills. These lighted fans use less energy to operate and generate less heat than standard incandescent light kits. In addition, energy efficient light kits have bulbs that are 10 times longer than traditional light kits and on average, are to be replaced once every 7 years.

ENERGY STAR ceiling fans are available for indoor and outdoor rooms in your home. Outdoor energy efficient ceiling fans bring comfort and efficiency to your home’s patio or porch. For the most efficient use of an ENERGY STAR fan, the fan should be set to rotate air downward into the room to create a breeze in the summer. In the winter, the fan should be set to rotate in reverse, or in a clockwise direction, to draw cool air up and replaced it with warm air near the ceiling. Look for a switch near the motor above the blades or use the forward and reverse button on the remote control provided.

What Qualifies as an ENERGY STAR Ceiling Fan?

ENERGY STAR-rated ceiling fans must meet the EPA’s criteria before earning the energy efficiency label. Here are some of the standards ceiling fan manufacturers like Emerson ceiling fans and Fanimation must meet.

  • Efficiency – ENERGY STAR partners must prove efficiency through performance testing. The EPA determines efficiency by calculating the total airflow in cubic feet per minute (CFM) per watt of power consumed by the motor and controls. All three speeds are measured.
  • Warranty – Fan models must include a minimum 30-year motor warranty, one-year component warranty, and 2-year light kit warranty.
  • At low speed: Fans must have a minimum airflow of 1,250 CFM and an efficiency of 155 CFM/Watt
  • At high speed: Fans must have a minimum airflow of 5,000 CFM and an efficiency of 75 CFM/Watt
  • Lighting – Integrated or attachable light kits Residential Light Fixture specifications.
  • Pricing - If an energy efficient unit costs more than a conventional counterpart, consumers must be able to recover their investment through saving within a reasonable time frame.

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