Flush Mounted, Low Profile, Ceiling Hugger Fans Graphite

Are you seeking to improve air circulation for a modern indoor room in your home? hugger ceiling fans, and other low profile cooling fixtures, will provide abundant cooling while keeping a short motor housing to avoid clearance issues. Modern room design includes a number of decor types that require a large selection of finishes, like brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze. Flush mount ceiling fans are compact enough to fit in any spaces but still offer the option of adding a light kit if additional lighting is needed for your space.

Style Your Home with Low Profile Hugger Fixtures

Hugger ceiling fans offer a cool solution because they are installed flush against the ceiling without the use of downrod, which allows the fan to hang at least seven feet above the floor as recommended by the NEC. Low profile hugger fixtures create a cooling effect in living areas during the summer and distribute heat in a residence during the winter. There are many high quality brands that manufacture close to the ceiling fans. Low profile hugger fixtures are ideal for bedrooms, offices, and attics as well as manufactured houses. However, they should not be installed on sloped or vaulted ceilings due to the blades’ proximity to the roof.

Benefits of Flush Mounting

Before the advent of proper heating systems and insulation, many homes were built with low profile or dropped ceilings that contained heat in a room and living area. Heating and insulation has improved significantly since then. Today, homeowners living in older homes face rising temperatures during the summer as heat becomes trapped in small living spaces. Residents may feel as if there no other choice but to endure the heat without major home renovations or the ability to install a standard ceiling fan as this requires that the blades hang at least seven feet above the floor.

Hugger ceiling fans include many of the same features as standard ceiling fans. Hugger ceiling fans lie flush against the ceiling, making them ideal for rooms with low ceilings.

Having a low roof and needing ventilation for small spaces does not mean homeowners have limited options to choose from. Air-moving ceiling accessories include many of the same features as standard ceiling fans. Brushed nickel fans fits flat against the ceiling, making them ideal to match your décor in areas with low ceilings. You gain style and design while adding to your current living quarters, even may allow an area to be illuminated. Installing hugger ceiling fans with a light kit to your low ceiling space is an efficient way to cool and brighten any room. These fans don’t require a downrod, and hang at least seven feet above the floor, making it up to modern NEC standards.

These ceiling accessories are also great for adding functions of standard ceiling fans, like remotes and lighting, to your patio or outdoor space. These fans are available in a range of types and sizes, including oil rubbed fans that add a whimsical touch to a child’s bedroom or play area. Take a look through our modern ceiling fan selection for some up-to-date contemporary designs. Browsing through all of the types, styles, and designs will open your mind to the many possibilities and décor choices you can have in your home. We welcome you to learn about the correct ceiling fan selection to ensure your purchase lines up with what you need.

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