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Factories, industrial plants and warehouses are some of the most important places in which indoor air quality needs to be maintained, however they can also be some of the most difficult environments to manage. It can be challenging to keep such large buildings controlled with air conditioning systems alone, especially when the outside temperatures are high.
Capital Lighting provides innovations in light fixtures with traditional and modern styles. Products include hanging pendants, decorative chandeliers and UL-rated outdoor lighting for your home. If you're looking for high quality, on-trend lighting products to improve the interior decor of your home, look no further than Capital Lighting. Choose from over 800 Capital Lighting products at
Oxygen Lighting provides a wide selection of quality light fixtures for any style of interior decor. Products include not only hanging pendants, ceiling lights, and UL-rated outdoor lighting, but they also manufacture a number of ceiling fans as well. If you're looking to upgrade the lighting or fans in your home, look no further than Oxygen Lighting. Choose from over 150 Oxygen lighting and ceiling fan products at
An oscillating fan is the perfect solution for increasing air movement to keep your living spaces cool. If you're looking for a new fan for your home, we have some of the best oscillating fans for just that! We've compiled just a few of our favorites to give you ideas for your own home. Find floor fans and table fans, as well as industrial shop fans.
Eurofase Lighting provides innovations in light fixtures by making a statement with aesthetic appeal. Products include hanging pendants, decorative chandeliers and wall lighting for both home and commercial uses. Utilizing unique designs that still match any classic home decor, these modern lighting products upgrade the look and feel of any home. Choose from over 600 Eurofase Lighting products at
WAC Lighting brings innovations in light fixtures by combining style and functionality. Products range from decorative ceiling lights to landscape lighting to track lighting to cover a wide range of lighting needs. Utilizing sleek designs and classic finishes like chrome or matte black, these modern lighting products upgrade the look and feel of any home decor. Choose from over 200 WAC Lighting products at
When you need proper ventilation and air circulation in your warehouse or agricultural building, look no further than Schaefer industrial fans. These high powered fans help move air efficiently and cool down the space. Choose from fixed mount and portable fan products ranging in size from 8-inch to 36-inch.
ET2 Contemporary Lighting has been at the forefront of lighting trends for over 45 years, bringing unique creativity and intelligent design. These products utilize elements of crystal, glass and chrome for contemporary and modern lighting design styles. Choose from over 600 ET2 lighting products at including chandeliers, pendant lighting, wall lighting and portable lamps.
Good lighting can make the difference between a room that is pleasant and inviting or one where the light is too bright or where shadowy pockets exist, making it dark and dingy. A properly lit room often has several layers of lighting that homeowners can use for different purposes. An under cabinet lighting system is one way to add a layer of light to a kitchen, craft room or any other area of your home that may have dark areas due to cabinets or shelving.
A true leader in the industry, Casablanca Fan Company was established in 1974 when they released their first belt-driven fan for commercial use. Burton A. Burton, the founder, had a love for antiques which inspired the designs and styles of the fans. These beautiful new fans brought forth an updated perspective to the industry. In fact, Casablanca’s innovative mindset led to their creation of the cubic feet per minute test method. This method became the standard unit for the measuring of ceiling fan airflow which all manufacturers now use and are required to provide. Casablanca prides themselves on spearheading this innovation, providing quality, and bringing true craftsmanship and artistry to the industry. With Casablanca each fan is unique and tells a story.
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