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George Westinghouse, the founder of Westinghouse Electric, is one of the most prolific inventors in U.S. history, with over 361 patents to his name. Many of those inventions were "firsts" that improved the everyday lives of millions of people. Westinghouse was an integral part of electrifying America with Thomas Edison. That is the fascinating beginning of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation, founded in 1886 in Pittsburgh, PA
Hugger ceiling fans are interchangeably referred to as flush-mount ceiling fans and are a great choice for low ceilings or small rooms. These compact fans not only fit into small rooms but can be purchased with many different features. Just because you have a small room and a low ceiling does not mean you are out of options, or are “option limited." There are a variety of styles and brands of hugger ceiling fans which are sleek, and help to optimize the space you have. To make shopping easier, we have developed a list which showcases the best hugger fans from different categories. We have even highlighted the “huggiest hugger,” or the hugger which is both the smallest and the shortest.
Minka-Aire ceiling fans are not only contemporary but timeless. With a variety of styles and designs to choose from, Minka-Aire ceiling fans are noteworthy not only for their looks but for their value. Minka-Aire ceiling fans circulate air efficiently and reduce cooling costs up to 40% in the summer, and can reduce heating costs by up to 15% in the winter. While correct blade rotation during the different seasons helps with this, efficient ceiling fans such as Minka-Aire ceiling fans make a significant difference. Many of Minka-Aire’s ceiling fans are Energy Star Certified. Minka-Aire brings form, function, and innovation into a beautiful package.
If you're looking for a ceiling fan that offers form, function, and comfort, look no further! We have developed a list of the best outdoor ceiling fans across the board. From outdoor ceiling fans with lights, to a ceiling fan for your covered deck, you will find the best ceiling fans for any outdoor area.
Pendants are light fixtures that hang from your ceiling to light a room. Pendant lights mount on cable, wire, stem, or chain, which separate them from close to ceiling lights. Pendants generally have one central light source. There are a wide variety of pendants available, from tiny mini pendants to multi light pendants.
Founded over 30 years ago, Fanimation's legacy was launched when Tom Frampton designed their first fan, the Punkah. Tom's penchant for worldwide travel and passion for historic fan design has inspired Fanimation's product lines since their inception. Today, Fanimation is an internationally recognized brand with more than 1500 showrooms in 23 countries.
Emerson Electric is one of the best-known motor manufacturers in America. Founded in 1895, Emerson started as a manufacturer of railroad switch equipment and quickly became an innovator by introducing a two-blade ceiling fan that could run on alternating currents. A few year's later they improved the design by adopting a scalloped trailing-edge fan blade that dramatically improving airflow and reducing noise. Emerson also has a claim to fame as the inventor of the first brush-type fan motor, which was used in the world's first desk fan.
Over the years, we've encountered our fair share of ceiling fan troubles, but we've learned from our experiences and want to share with you what we've discovered along the way. We've compiled our best ceiling fan troubleshooting tips to help you identify and fix the most common ceiling fan problems. As always, use caution when working on your ceiling fan and turn the power off at the circuit breaker box to prevent any injuries.
Are you looking for a stylish and functional lighting option with a ceiling fan? The best ceiling fans with lights are broken down into ten categories. Whether you are looking for the overall best ceiling fan with light or the top fan with a certain light option, you will find the best option here.
One of the best-known ceiling fan manufacturer's in America, Hunter has been in the ceiling fan business since 1886. US-based in-house design, engineering, product testing, and research and development teams focus on superior performance and offering on-trend designs. Hunter also owns the Casablanca brand of ceiling fans and they are the only brands that have an in-house Intertek certified lab (ETL), which tests products above and beyond industry standards.
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