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Are you looking to add some additional illumination to your outdoor space? Maybe you want to light up a pathway or add a pendant to your covered porch. Shopping for outdoor lighting can be stressful with so many options to choose from. Therefore, we've narrowed down some of our top products to help you choose the right light fixture for your needs. Find outdoor ceiling lights, pendants, post lights, sconces and landscape lighting!
Recessed lighting is installed directly into your ceiling so that the light is flush with the ceiling. It doesn't take up any additional space so it's great for small rooms, low ceilings, or placement under cabinets. Shopping for recessed lighting can be complicated with so many fixtures to choose from. That's why we've curated a list of some of our top-selling recessed lighting fixtures to help you in making your decision. Find adjustable lights, low voltage lights, outdoor lights and more!
Hudson Valley Lighting offers a wide selection of exquisite light fixtures to brighten up your home. Products include wall sconces, hanging pendants, decorative chandeliers and ceiling lights. Using high quality materials, these modern light fixtures upgrade the look and feel of any home. Choose from over 1,000 Hudson Valley Lighting products at
Do you have a large room that needs ample air circulation? Are you considering adding more than one ceiling fan to the room to accomplish this? Or have you considered a dual ceiling fan? If you’re stuck in the process of making this decision for your large space, we’ve got the important information you need to know before purchasing your new fans. Discover the benefits of dual motor ceiling fans and multiple ceiling fans for large living spaces
ELK Lighting provides a wide selection of lighting products for various styles and functions. Whether you need something rustic for your cabin or something modern for your kitchen, you'll find the perfect ELK light fixture for your needs. Products include hanging pendants, decorative chandeliers and wall lighting for your home. Choose from over 2,800 ELK Lighting products at
It's important to keep your garage lighting updated for the safety of everyone using that space. Inside your garage, you probably keep a lot of tools and equipment stored and you wouldn't want to accidentally knock something over or trip over something because you can't see clearly where everything is. By updating your light fixtures, you can be sure that the space is well-lit.

Some people find that trying to fall asleep in total silence is difficult to do. Having a light steady noise can block out any other disruptive noises and help your brain focus on turning off and letting you sleep. Fans are great tools for creating white noise in your bedroom. In addition to the consistent noise, they also provide a cooling breeze. Most people sleep better in cooler temperatures as well. Therefore, you're getting two benefits from sleeping with a fan on, whether it's a ceiling fan, desk fan or floor fan. Here are some of the best types of fans to use when sleeping.

Modern Forms offers top-quality lighting and ceiling fans. If you want something truly unlike anything else, these light fixtures come in unique designs to complement your current decor. The ceiling fans feature LED lights and out-of-the-box cutting-edge technology that allows you to control them from all smart home devices.
Feiss Lighting provides a wide selection of quality light fixtures for any style of interior decor. Products include decorative chandeliers, hanging pendants, UL-rated outdoor lighting and more. If you're looking to upgrade the lighting in your home, look no further than Feiss Lighting. Choose from over 400 Feiss Lighting products at
Do you feel bogged down from too many light bulb choices? How do you choose the best light bulb for your needs when there are so many brands, color hues, shapes, wattage and energy ratings to choose from? We've narrowed down some of the best light bulbs available at Del Mar Fans & Lighting to help you find top quality options and make the decision process an easier one.
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