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Residential interior design thrives on the differentiation of style elements. As a result, you can live in a home that embraces your favorite manner of décor in furnishings and light fixtures. Cases in point are the Mission, Craftsman, and Arts & Craft styles. Why are they among the ideal design choices of contemporary homeowners? Most importantly, what signifies these styles?
When searching for a ceiling fan or for updated lighting for your kitchen, covered patio, or dining room, Quorum International is a great option to shop from! Quorum offers versatility, quality, and service which has been around for the past 35 years. From classic style to modern designs, Quorum can easily meet your needs to create a look that will stand strong with individuality and distinction.
According to, more than 70 percent of sockets in America still contain the old, inefficient incandescent light bulbs. They've challenged America to change just 20 million light bulbs to energy-efficient light bulbs such as LED light bulbs in 2014. See the infographic below to learn how a small change like switching to energy efficient light bulbs can mean to our environment and your wallet.
When it comes to choosing the best indoor ceiling fan, it is a highly subjective choice. What constitutes “best”? A ceiling fan with bright lights? A certain brand? As you can see, asking this question will take you down a very long and winding road. What it really comes down to is choosing the best ceiling fan for your room type. Whether you’re searching for one for your living room, bathroom, or kitchen, there are a variety of options to choose from.
Are you looking to add a hanging ceiling fixture to your dining room, kitchen or foyer? Our chandeliers styles guide, which includes the four best types of chandeliers, will help you understand the basic differences between a crystal, candle, glass, and shaded fixture. You will find that the best fit for your home is one that acts a direct representation of your personal style and taste.
SeaGull Collection from Generation Lighting is a high-quality brand that’s known for by name within the professional home building and general contracting industry. Broad product lines and decorative light fixtures built with quality in mind is what you can expect from the SeaGull Collection.
Close to Ceiling Lights come in many finishes and designs, from basic (and copied) designs to close mount crystal lights. We have hundreds of different models to choose from, so follow our guide to help narrow your choices down to a more manageable selection.
Did you know that electricity for lighting did not exist until 1879? Before then, gaslighting, candles, or oil lamps was the only way to bring illumination into a space. Today’s antique style lighting guide focuses predominantly on the electric bulb. This might include antique reproduction lighting that mimics kerosene products but accommodates modern conveniences. So, pull up your neo-rococo chair or get comfy on the imitation Victorian fainting couch to find out more.
For decades, Maxim Lighting has been the go-to for discerning clientele, thanks to their innovative offerings and second-to-none approach to customer service. They've also consistently enjoyed a place in the top five lighting companies in the industry. The finest global hotels, stores and offices have incorporated their products into their aesthetic.
In the last 40 years, ceiling fan controls have evolved from simple pull chains to bulky clickers with basic functions to state-of-the-art wall controls packed with smart features that increase home safety and lower energy use. The DIY experts here at Del Mar Fans & Lighting put together a how-to video on the Casablanca Inteli-Touch wall control install that is easy to follow, whether you are a ceiling fan novice or expert.
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