Pictured is a ceiling fan with light wood blades at the center of a soft, farmhouse style living room.

In 1999, Craftmade was ranked 49th out of 200 Top Best Small Companies in America according to Forbes. Craftmade was established in 1985 under the original name “Mastercraft” and in 2015 they celebrated their 30-year brand-iversary. Craftmade is now considered a leader in the industry and has patented its own designs and taken strong steps towards innovation while making top quality ceiling fans. Craftmade is certainly a brand which is both strong in design and technology.

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Why Buy Craftmade Ceiling Fans?

Craftmade is dedicated to utilizing the best designs, providing a great experience, and ensuring efficiency with their products. Craftmade not only brings function but also features a wide selection of different styles for homeowners to shop. Since their beginning, Craftmade has designed and distributed over 20 series and 1,200 ceiling fans. Craftmade offers something for everyone and truly adds value to the industry.

Craftmade's Top 2018 Introductions

1. Echelon

Pictured is a ceiling fan with black blades and an angular housing system.

The Echelon is a beautifully designed three-blade ceiling fan with a 54-inch blade span and an integrated LED. The Echelon features a DC motor, a 4,307 CFM and a 15-degree blade pitch. This ceiling fan can be standard or angle mounted and would be a wonderful addition to any modern or contemporary home.

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2. Freestyle

Pictured is a white ceiling fan with a downlight and sloped ceiling adapter.

Unique in both design and style, the Freestyle certainly has a fitting name. Featuring three blades which embody triangular prisms, this ceiling fan uses a DC motor and an LED light source. The Freestyle is very efficient and can be angle or standard mounted. For those looking for something a little bit different, the Freestyle offers a simple yet interesting style and is available in three different finishes.

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3. Jamison

Pictured is a ceiling fan with a glass shade and dark blades.

Marked by clean lines and a warm appeal, the Jamison has a 52-inch blade span and is available in four different finishes. The Jamison has a 5,179 CFM and utilizes a direct drive motor. This ceiling fan can not only be standard or angle mounted but can also be flush mounted. The Jamison comes with a three-speed pull-chain, a light control pull-chain, and a reverse switch on the motor. The Jamison above is featured in an oiled bronze gilded finish with five walnut blades. It would be the perfect touch to cool down your bedroom, living room, or den.

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4. Pioneer

Pictured is a ceiling fan which resembles the metal innards of a machine and features a downlight.

This outdoor ceiling fan boasts industrial style with sleek, modern design. With three all-weather grey wood blades and a galvanized steel housing finish, the Pioneer brings a cool breeze both literally and figuratively. The Pioneer is UL and ULC listed for wet locations, but can also be installed indoors. This gem has a 52-inch blade span, an integrated LED with dimming function, and a direct drive motor.

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5. Teana

Pictures is a lustrous ceiling fan with four squared blades.

With a chrome finish that calls attention to its shine and four reversible walnut blades, the Teana brings transitional style and a 5,400 CFM rating. The Teana has a 14-degree blade pitch and an integrated dimmable LED. This indoor listed ceiling fan is installable on sloped ceilings up to twenty degrees and can be standard or angle mounted.

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Product Spotlight: Putting a Spin on "Traditional"

Craftmade Anillo

Pictured is a circular brushed nickel ceiling fan with a downlight.

Hats off to the Anillo which has people’s heads spinning! Spanning 36 inches, this ceiling fan is very interesting as it is encircled by an outer ring. It is a very futuristic design which can be both playful, or very sleek and modern. The Anillo also features a dimmable LED light and a reverse function. This ceiling fan brings a whole new meaning to “cool.” The Anillo is noteworthy as it is a part of our unique ceiling fans collection which offers the best of non-traditional ceiling fans which are sure to stand out for this or that.

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Why Buy Craftmade from Del Mar Fans and Lighting?

Del Mar Fans & Lighting is a family-owned business with an American Lighting Association certified staff and a mission to provide you with quality products at low prices, excellent customer service, and expert advice. We are an authorized distributor of Craftmade fans and remain in constant contact with Craftmade to ensure our customers have the best Craftmade shopping experience with us. We have nearly a hundred Craftmade ceiling fans to browse! Not only do we offer expedited shipping, but all orders over $40 ship for free.

Del Mar's Top Selling Craftmade Ceiling Fans

1. Mondo

Pictured is a large ceiling fan with metal blades and a downlight.

With a colossal 72-inch blade span and six brushed aluminum blades, this ceiling fan is deserving of the title the “Mondo.” While large in size and impression, the Mondo features minimalistic design with a modern style. It’s six long blades are very unique in their aileron design and graceful movement through the room. The Mondo comes with a six-speed hand-held remote and wall control combo, as well as lighting and reverse function.

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2. Tempo Hugger

Pictured is a rich and dark ceiling fan with five wooden blades.

Available in four different finishes and two different sizes, the Tempo Hugger is the perfect ceiling fan for those looking to save a little space and mount their ceiling fans flush to the ceiling. It’s sleek and smaller profile brings both form and function with five reversible blades and an integrated LED light. The Tempo Hugger is a great choice for shorter ceilings, smaller rooms, or contemporary style. To see a list of other top Hugger ceiling fans, make sure to check out our blog post The Best Huggers are Actually Fans.

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3. Velocity

Pictured is a sleek and thin black ceiling fan with curved blades.

Available in three different finishes, the Velocity has three all-weather blades, a four-speed stack motor, and a dual mount system for installation. The Velocity is very aerodynamic and produces a high CFM rating of 9,208. This fan brings a combination of retro, industrial, and modern style.

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4. Fredericksburg

Pictured is a ceiling fan with a large glass lighting enclosure and wooden blades.

With bold beauty and exquisite design, the Fredericksburg is a 60-inch outdoor ceiling fan with ETL approval for damp locations, and 6,127 CFM rating. The Fredericksburg has five custom dark walnut blades and brings a rich, traditional style. The Fredericksburg has a beautiful candelabra light base encased by clear seeded glass and is sure to provide a relaxing glow and cool breeze to any porch, patio, or pergola.

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5. Glamorous Glen Warplane

Pictured is a yellow, black, red, and silver airplane ceiling fan.

This 48-inch indoor ceiling fan is pretty “fly” and is certainly anything but ordinary. With four propeller style blades and aviation housing, the Glamorous Glen Warplane brings a fun and playful aeronautical design. The Glamorous Glen features a matte white light kit, a three-speed fan, and a manual reverse on the motor. This ceiling fan would make for a wonderful addition to your study, a children’s bedroom, or a bar area.

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Other Popular Craftmade Ceiling Fans


Pictured is ceiling fan made primarily of light wood with a dark motor housing.

As if pulled from a tree house, the Winton has five weathered pine blades and candelabra base which wraps eloquently around its four lights. The Winton has a rich aged bronze finish which shows off a warm and rustic elegance. Bringing transitional style, this ceiling fan could be added to any indoor room for a touch of natural appeal and subtle glow. The Winton has a 4,479 CFM rating and can be angle or standard mounted.

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Pictured is a dark ceiling fan with curved blades and a downlight.

Exquisite in a chrome finish with three grey wood blades is the Sonnet. The Sonnet is available in eight different finishes and three different sizes making it a fan which is very versatile to any homeowner looking for a minimalistic addition. The Sonnet has a 6,768 CFM rating and features LED lighting. This ceiling fan illustrates the beauty of a ceiling fans basic parts which define form and function.

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Sopwith Camel Warplane

Pictured is an airplane style fan which is designed around a plane’s front.

Another exciting ceiling fan from the Warplanes collection is the Sopwith Camel Warplane. If you were to zoom in on the nose of a warplane, you could see the simimilarities between it and this lovely fixture. The Sopwith Camel highlights two propeller style blades with cream tips and a cream and green motor housing. This fan can be flush-mounted onto flat ceilings and comes with a three-speed remote and wall control with reverse.

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Port Arbor

Pictured is a dark ceiling fan with squared blades and a large downlight.

This 52-inch outdoor ceiling fan is available in three different finishes and brings the best of diffused lighting. The Port Arbor is ETL listed for wet locations and combines nautical, traditional, and transitional style. The Port Arbor has a 5,409 CFM rating and is suitable for spaces ranging in size from 125 square feet to 250 square feet. This fan comes with a three-speed pull-chain, an on/off lighting pull-chain, and a manual reverse on the motor. The Port Arbor would be a lovely focal point for a warm and rustic porch or patio.

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Pictured is a ceiling fan with dark blades and an enclosed light which carries a warm ambiance.

Modern in design with an artistic appeal, the Midoro is a lovely ceiling fan. It has a 6,100 CFM rating and a direct drive motor. This ceiling fan can be standard flat or angle mounted on sloped ceilings up to 32 degrees. The Midoro is available in three different finishes and comes with a three-speed hand-held remote with light dimming and reverse function.

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To see all of Craftmade’s ceiling fans which deliver style, innovation, and efficiency, make sure to visit Craftmade’s home page. You will find the best huggers, ceiling fans with lights, and more!

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