Are you looking to add a hanging ceiling fixture to your dining room, kitchen or foyer? Our chandeliers styles guide, which includes the four best types of chandeliers, will help you understand the basic differences between a crystal, candle, glass, and shaded fixture. You will find that the best fit for your home is one that acts a direct representation of your personal style and taste.

5 Different Chandelier Types And Styles

The 4 Best Types of Chandeliers for Dining Rooms or Foyers

Each style of chandelier in this guide has its own unique history and purpose. In the 15th century, ornate lighting such as this was a symbol of luxury and status only the wealthy could afford. Today, these chandelier styles are used all over the world and still invoke a sense of prestige while remaining affordable to many homeowners. We offer many types of elegant hanging light fixtures, but crystal, glass, candle, and shaded are the most recognizable.

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Hudson Valley And Minka Lavery Crystal Chandelier Types

Crystal Chandeliers

Are you looking to add some glamour or drama to your home? Choose a crystal prism chandelier as the centerpiece of any dining room, foyer, or entryway. Dripping with crystals for a dramatic effect is the signature of this type of ceiling fixture. Use a large crystal chandelier in your foyer as a statement piece or place a petite chandelier in your dining room to add a little something special. These refined light fixtures will add a richness to your home that will surely impress your friends and family.

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Tech Lighting, Hudson Valley, And Minka Lavery Glass Chandelier Types

Glass Chandeliers

Are you looking for a light fixture that will make it easy to complement your home’s furnishing perfectly? Our selection of glass chandeliers are available in many shapes and sizes, and they range in style from modern to traditional. This classic style is a quick and easy way to give the interior of your home a facelift. Chandeliers with glass shades are a favorite among homeowners because they allow you the freedom to be as fancy or as modest as you want. These charming accents will shine brightly in a foyer, bathroom, kitchen or dining room.

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Hudson Valley And Minka Lavery Candle Chandelier Types

Candle Chandeliers

Do you want a rustic hanging candelabra that appears to be casting real candlelight? These candle style chandeliers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many offer the unique feature of flickering bulbs that imitate candlelight, resulting in an extremely realistic portrayal of burning candles. These classic hanging candelabras will add an element of character and charm to your home and will look stunning displayed in a foyer or dining room.

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Hudson Valley And Minka Lavery Chandeliers With Shades

Chandeliers with Shades

Are you looking to add a discrete light source to any room in your home or office? Place a chandelier with shades in your bedroom to create soft, medium or hard lighting depending on the angle and thickness of the covering. These shaded drum pendants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they range in style from classic to modern. For a simple design tip, hang matching or complementary curtains in your bedroom to create an overall cohesive look and stylish feel that will tie your room together.

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