A true leader in the industry, Casablanca Fan Company was established in 1974 when they released their first belt-driven fan for commercial use. Burton A. Burton, the founder, had a love for antiques which inspired the designs and styles of the fans. These beautiful new fans brought forth an updated perspective to the industry.

In fact, Casablanca’s innovative mindset led to their creation of the cubic feet per minute test method. This method became the standard unit for the measuring of ceiling fan airflow, which all manufacturers now use and are required to provide. Casablanca prides themselves on spearheading innovation, providing quality, and bringing true craftsmanship and artistry to the industry. With Casablanca, each fan is unique and tells a story.

Why Buy Casablanca Ceiling Fans?

With so many different ceiling fan brands on the market, deciding which brands to shop can often seem overwhelming. There are many reasons to buy Casablanca ceiling fans, however, here are just a few reasons that prove Casablanca is a quality brand to shop!

Benefits of purchasing a Casablanca ceiling fan include:

  • U.S. based, in-house design studio.
  • Owned by Hunter Fan Company which has a proven record of excellence.
  • Provides a limited lifetime warranty on all motors!
  • Researches and tests all of their products in house.

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Casablanca's Product Spotlight:
The Aya Smart Fan

Pictured is a two-blade ceiling fan in the center of a neutral-colored patio setting.

Inspired by natural elements, but designed with innovation and the best of technology in mind, the Aya is beautiful, sleek, and Wi-Fi enabled. How amazing is that? It’s technological savviness and clean appeal is certainly why I have chosen this to be your Casablanca Spotlighted Product.

With blades which appear to peel away from the motor housing, the Aya has modern Japanese art and Scandinavian furniture to draw inspiration from. The Aya is offered in a White Ash finish or a Black Ash finish. In addition to its LED light and powerful DC motor, the Aya’s damp rating makes it perfect for patios.

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Casablanca's Top 2018 Introductions

1. Valby

Pictured is a four-blade ceiling fan with a white motor housing.

The Valby captures a mix of glamour and mid-century modern design. The Valby has a clean and refined appeal and features a wall control, an integrated LED light, and a direct drive motor. This fixture, which was inspired by 1950’s design, boasts a 6,056 CFM rating. This ceiling fan has reversible blades and is available in three different finishes. This makes this fan suitable for many different styled homes!

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2. Axial

Pictured is a ceiling fan with a black motor housing and four wooden blades.

The Axial is a 52-inch ceiling fan with an LED light and a wall control. The Axial brings classic and contemporary design with its smooth lines and simplicity. This rugged and rich fixture could additionally be placed in a rustic farmhouse styled home due to its River Timber Grey Washed blades. For a complete list of the best rustic farmhouse fixtures please feel free to use our Rustic Farmhouse Style Guide as a resource.

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3. Adelaide

Pictured is a white five-blade ceiling fan.

Available in either a Hi-Gloss Snow White or a Matte Snow White finish, the Adelaide brings sharpness and a unique aesthetic. The Adelaide spans 54 inches and produces a 6,290 CFM rating. This ceiling fan can be standard mounted, flush mounted, or angle mounted. This makes this fixture a top ceiling fan to consider!

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4. Bullet LED

Pictured is a ceiling fan with sharp lines, four blades, and a metallic motor housing.

The Bullet LED draws its inspiration from 21st-century skyscrapers. With its sharp blades that are centered around its stacked, shiny motor housing, it is easy to see the cityscape influence. The Bullet has an 18-watt integrated LED which is dimmable and encased in white glass. This modern ceiling fan is available in both a Brushed Nickel and a Matte Black finish.

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5. Wisp

Pictured is a ceiling fan with a matte metallic finish and a short downrod.

Available in two different finishes, the Wisp is also available in two different sizes: 44 inches or 52 inches. The Wisp is contemporary in design and yet brings a light pop of retro style. The Wisp is Energy Star rated and produces a 4,527 CFM rating. The integrated LED features full-range dimming and brings a lovely light glow to bedrooms, or great rooms. This could even be great addition to a man cave, she shed, or bar area with its sleek appeal!

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Del Mar’s Top Selling Casablanca Ceiling Fans

  1. Overall: Stealth DC
  2. Hugger: Isotope
  3. Outdoor: Heritage
  4. With Lights: Heathridge
  5. Without Lights: Panama DC
  6. Small: Verse
  7. Large: Durant
  8. Remote: Aris
  9. White: Wailea
  10. Nautical: Caneel Bay

Why Buy From Del Mar Fans & Lighting?

Pictured are three icons to represent some of the reasons to shop with Delmarfans.com.

There are many reasons to buy from Del Mar Fans and Lighting, however, here are just a few reasons we would like to bring attention to!

  • Returns for 90 days.
  • Free shipping on all orders of $40+.
  • A safe shopping experience.

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Stealth DC

Pictured is a ceiling fan in white which has sharp blades and distinct angles.

The Stealth is rightfully named as it is Casablanca’s quietest ceiling fan yet. Not only is the Stealth’s DC motor extremely powerful, but it also has an Energy Star LED light kit and a 6,142 CFM rating. This sleek fixture is available in a Snow White finish or a Brushed Nickel finish. What makes the Stealth exceptionally remarkable is that it is also one of the quietest ceiling fans on the market. To learn more, make sure to check out our blog The Best Ceiling Fans for Bedrooms.

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Pictured is a dark ceiling fan with a white glass downlight.

With a low profile and swept-wing blade configuration, the Isotope is a charming and sleek fixture. With dimmable LED lighting and availability in three different finishes and two different blade spans, this ceiling fan is a wonderful choice to consider when looking for versatility, form, and function. Plus, this ceiling fan looks just like a star and could be a great addition for a children’s room!

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Pictured is an old-style ceiling fan with five blades and a pull chain.

With an ETL wet listing, the Heritage can be placed in outdoor locations such as your patio, pergola, or porch. The Heritage is a beautifully designed fan with antique castings, vertical ribbing on its motor housing, and a custom cobblestone texture on its body, cap, and blade medallions. The Heritage brings antique style and a 6,864 CFM rating. This old-style wonder is available in an Aged Bronze and a Brushed Cocoa finish and could even be used to achieve Tuscan style. For inspiration on the best old-world style fixtures, our Tuscan Style Lighting Guide can be a great aid.

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Pictured is a wooden ceiling fan with four shaded lights.

This ceiling fan is absolutely phenomenal and appears to have popped right out of a home magazine. The Heathridge was inspired by innovative, high-end furniture trends, and has the appearance of turned wood. The Heathridge is available in two different finishes and is both simple and sophisticated.

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Panama DC

Pictured is a ceiling fan with a shiny motor housing and five wooden blades.

Boasting a 54-inch blade span and a gorgeous luster, the Panama DC is Energy Star rated and available in three different finishes. The Panama DC features five reversible blades and the ability to use standard, flush, or angled mounting systems for installation. This transitional fan brings a 6,416 CFM rating and a 15-degree blade pitch.

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Pictured is a ceiling fan with a rounded down light and flat-edged blades.

The Verse is damp rated for some outdoor installations and brings inspiration to so many different settings. This ceiling fan is perfect for a small or medium-sized room. With sleek blades and contemporary style, this ceiling fan brings innovation and a crisp design appeal. The Verse is available in three different finishes and produces a 4,159 CFM which is a wonderful airflow for a smaller fan. If you are looking for a small ceiling fan, this is definitely one of many great products that Casablanca has to offer.

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Pictured is a ceiling fan with two pull chains, five blades, and a warm bowl light.

Finished in either a Maiden Bronze or a Brushed Nickel, the Durant produces a 4,249 CFM rating and brings contemporary style. This hugger ceiling fan is not only lovely for its appearance, but it is also noteworthy for its ability to be installed in smaller rooms or in rooms with shorter ceilings. This ceiling fan only hangs 14.8 inches below the ceiling but offers a large blade span of 54 inches. For those looking to cool a larger than average room, the Durant is certainly a wonderful option.

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Pictured is a ceiling fan with four blades and lustrous motor housing.

Clean and contemporary, the Aris is available in a Brushed Nickel finish and a Brushed Cocoa finish. The Aris is ETL damp rated and has a 54-inch blade span. Casablanca has a wide range of outdoor ceiling fans which are either damp or wet rated. This particular warm and rich ceiling fan would be idyllic in a great room, study, or master bedroom. The Aris produces a 6,196 CFM.

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Pictured is a ceiling fan with a pull chain and six small blades.

Dainty and elegant, the Wailea is perfect for small spaces and low ceilings. This little marvel is available in three different finishes and brings a 3,055 CFM rating. The Wailea is ETL damp rated and has a wonderful appeal with its compact design.

This fan is 32 inches wide and is ideal for bathrooms, laundry rooms, walk-in closets, and kitchens where ventilation is needed. While the Wailea does not have an integrated light, this ceiling fan is a great option for those looking for a smaller ceiling fan without lighting.

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Caneel Bay

Pictured is a ceiling fan with a large bowl light and wooden blades.

With a massive downlight and a design inspired by the cross between industrial and nautical style, the Caneel Bay shows off exposed hardware and chunky, defined lines. This fan produces a 6,585 CFM rating and has full-range light dimming abilities. Casablanca has a large variety of ceiling fans with lights which bring different light kits, shade styles, and more. The Caneel Bay is available in an Aged Steel or a Maiden Bronze finish.

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Now that you've been introduced to Casablanca's product offering, we welcome you to contact our ceiling fan experts with any further questions you may have at 1-800-724-5501, or you can click to chat!

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