Hinkley Outdoor Lighting Takes Life Outside

Hinkley Outdoor Lighting Takes Life Outside
Hinkley Outdoor Post Lighting

When our friends first purchased their 1920s Spanish-revival style home, we weren’t mesmerized by the tray ceiling in the dining room or the Chicago brick throughout the first floor. Instead, we were first enthralled by the Hinkley outdoor wall lights and lantern lights.

There, in the middle of the sloping yard, was a tall majestic wrought iron lantern encasing three golden globes of light, casting a warm, welcoming glow over the entire area and lighting the nearby hammock. And although we love the mysterious looking iron sconces throughout the living room to the Art-Deco era fixtures in the bathrooms, the backyard lighting impressed us the most.

Hinkley outdoor lighting makes it easy to extend your own living space through the use of a few well-chosen light fixtures. If winter’s walls felt like they were closing in on you, or your existing living space seems too small to entertain, simply open up your home and your mind to the possibility of outdoor living.

5 Tips for a Richer, Brighter Outdoor Life

Whether you enjoy hosting a casual al-fresco dinner party on a warm summer night or you have a favorite reading spot under the shade of an old tree, your home's exterior is a pivotal part of your home design.Here are five simples lighting tips for using Hinkley outdoor lighting to make your outdoor spaces warm and welcoming:

Hinkley Wall Lighting

1. Create an Outdoor Living Room: Hinkley outdoor lighting offers a selection of gorgeous lanterns to fit any decor, from sleek and modern to rustic and old world. Start with a scenic, easily accessible spot. Add a rug, a couch, a coffee table and a chair or two, and then create ambiance by lighting the space. Keeping the decor of your home and your lighting needs in mind, you might want to consider starting with Hinkley wall lighting to envelop the area in a comfortable glow.

2. Light Up Your Landscape: There is nothing inviting about opening up your back door and seeing nothing but a vast expanse of darkness. One of the easiest ways to bring enchantment to an outdoor area is through the use of landscape lights. The most successful landscape lighting is subtle enough to keep the focus where it belongs, on your landscape. Select the Hinkley outdoor lighting that works best in your setting, and bring the beauty of your landscaping to life.

Hinkley Safety Lighting

3. Safety Plus Style: Hinkley outdoor lighting allows you to properly illuminate pathways and steps to add ambiance and to create a safer, more family friendly outdoor living space. Well-placed lanterns and deck and step lighting also highlight your home’s architectural features. Outdoor lighting can also be used to showcase porches, brackets, and archways.

4. Go Green in Your Green Spaces: Save money and the planet by choosing some of the energy-efficient features of Hinkley outdoor lights. Energy Saving (ES) and Energy Star (EST) fixtures reduce energy costs, while lights equipped with a Photocell will not stay illuminated during daylight hours. Dark Sky (DS) lighting is designed to minimize or prevent the glare of bright lights into the night sky.

5. Keep it Flexible: Moveable lanterns and pivoting landscape lights from Hinkley outdoor lighting allow you to direct the light where you want it, and dimmer switches (yes, even for outdoors!) allow you to go from brightly lit to a warm glow in moments.

September 17, 2013
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