Last month, we challenged three design bloggers to decorate a room of their choice. The only stipulation was that they had to include a ceiling fan of our choosing. Well, the results of the design challenge are in and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

Design Challenge Results Image With Kate, Orlando, And Kelli & Kristi

Each of the designers did an incredible job creating the perfect space to house the Kichler Arkwright ceiling fan. Their finished designs blew us away and elicited several “ohhs” and “ahhs” from colleagues. Each room evoked in us a sense of pride, and strengthened our belief that the ceiling fan is not an appliance to be undervalued. These brilliant designers reinforced our belief that ceiling fans can complement many different room decors and styles.

We want to give a huge thank you to all of the designers for their hard work and dedication, and we commend each one of them for fearlessly taking on this design challenge. Their unique designs perfectly showcase their individual tastes and talents. Each designer’s finished room is vastly different from the next, but all are beautiful beyond our imagination. Take a look at the after pictures featured below.

Orlando - We are convinced that this man is a design wizard. It’s as if he cast a spell to seamlessly incorporate the ceiling fan into this stunning outdoor paradise. The combination of colors and patterns conjures up relaxing images of dining on zesty pasta salad and sipping a refreshing white wine from a local winery. This patio party can go all night long with soft lighting from candles or bright lighting from the ceiling fan.

Orlando's Outdoor Area For The Design Challenge Using Kichler Arkwright

Kelli and Kristi - The twins made a man cave miracle with their before and after. This masculine home office is so awesome that we're sure the man who owns it will be hesitant to return to his ordinary, drab office. The resurrection process of this man cave is just as impressive as the finished product because Kelli and Kristi remodeled the entire room themselves, right down to the sliding chalkboard door. This masculine makeover shows us just how diverse a ceiling fan can be. Hats off to you ladies!

Kichler Arkwright Ceiling Fan Design Challenge Image By Lolly Jane

Kate - Can we come spend the night? Kate took a blank canvas and used her impeccable taste to add color and texture to a room that we, quite certainly, would never want to leave. Kate’s finished room is charming and inviting. It reminds us of a cottage on a white sandy beach, and we love how the bedroom ceiling fan blends effortlessly into the décor. With a guestroom like this, Kate might be in danger of having houseguests overstay their welcome.

Kichler Arkwright Ceiling Fan In A Bedroom By Centsational Girl

This design challenge was so much fun that we’re sad to see it end. However, we are excited for our next design challenge coming this fall. Stay tuned to see what we come up with!

What do you think our next challenge should be?