When choosing lighting for your entryway you must take several factors into consideration. First of all you want to decide the type of lighting you want and why. Are you looking for a chandelier to make a design statement right away? Do you want to try something more traditional with your foyer lighting like wall sconces?

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People often overlook the foyer even though it is usually the first room you enter as a guest or homeowner. Even in large homes with grand entryways, it is easy to just pass through without a second thought, as you make your way to a sitting room or dining area. We at Delmar feel this is an injustice and we are here to help you right this wrong. 

When choosing lighting for your entryway you must take several factors into consideration. First of all, you want to decide the type of lighting you want and why. Are you looking for a chandelier to make a design statement? Do you want to try something more traditional with your foyer lighting like wall sconces? These are important questions to consider if you want to make a great first impression with the foyer of your home.

Your foyer, aside from the outside of your home, is the first impression people will get of your design style. You want to make sure that impression says exactly what you want it to and how. Take a look at some great options for entryway lighting that we put together and we know you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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Best Chandeliers for Entryways

You can always count on chandeliers to make a big first impression. However unless your entryway is quite large, and it might be we will get to that, you must consider the size of the chandelier as a function of your decision. That is to say if the chandelier is too large then it just comes across as gaudy. You also want to be sure that when choosing such an important lighting piece that it matches your design aesthetic. With so many options available it can be overwhelming, however if you take your time we can help you light your foyer in the most elegant way possible all while making a strong first impression on your guests. Here is one of our personal favorites, but we offer many different styles from modern to traditional.

Feiss F3146/4NWB Finnegan Chandelier

The Feiss Finnegan is a wonderful example of how the right style chandelier can be both modern and traditional. It has a clean geometric silhouette with exquisite metal work that can fit an eclectic industrial style or even a subtle colonial look. With a 27" Fixture Height (Max 84.25" Adjustable Height) x 21" Width this chandelier can be at home in larger or even medium size entryways.

Chandelier Size

As mentioned before you want to be aware of how important size can be when it comes to installing a chandelier as your foyer lighting choice. You want to be sure that your chandelier is no closer than 7 feet from the floor and we would recommend 8 feet just to be safe. Now if a foyer ceiling is lower than the common 8 foot height then you should adjust accordingly. You don’t want your guests bumping into your chandelier right as they walk in the door. Now if you have a two story or larger foyer the standard is to hang the chandelier at level with the second story.

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Best Pendants for Entryways

Pendants can be very similar to chandeliers in design and style. However with a pendant you have some additional options when it comes to how you set up your foyer lighting. You can choose to do either a larger single pendant or a combination of several smaller ones. This is especially important if you have a longer foyer. In fact there is a lighting industry standard for how you make your decision about how large a pendant you should use. Basically you take the length and width of your entryway and add them together. This number is the size pendant you should use. If this is too large then you should then consider multiple smaller pendants.

What Makes a Good Pendant Choice?

Just like chandeliers, pendants can range from glamorous to subtle in design style. However as mentioned previously you can set a whole different lighting tone with longer hallways, by using multiple pendants. Make sure to check out all the options you have available so your foyer hallway will have pendants to light the way for your houseguests. Check out one of our favorites below.

ET2 E22000-10 Frost Pendant

The ET2 Frost Pendant has a contemporary design with exquisitely designed clear/white glass cylinders, accented by Polished Chrome ring spacers. This piece is elegant in both the single fixture and multiple lighting fixture setup. With a 15" Height x 5.5" Width you would be fine placing this in both a smaller entryway with just one or several lining a long hallway. With its ice-like illumination this pendant is as quietly elegant as a newly snow-covered wood.

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Best Wall Lighting for Entryways

Wall Sconces are great because they can give off just the right kind of light without taking up valuable entryway space. Plus a wall sconce can work in a similar way to a pendant when it comes to a longer foyer or entryway. You can also use a wall sconce on either side of an entryway to create an elegant look, or even several on each side spaced all the way down a long hallway. Wall sconces come in many varieties and shapes to match whatever look you are going for.

Feiss WB1851CH-L1 Cynder Wall Sconce

This Cynder Wall Sconce by Feiss has soft contemporary cylindrical lines and LED options. It is quite versatile in matching chic and modern design styles. The dimmable LED lets you set the mood right as guests come into your foyer. The silhouette is streamlined with etched glass and a chrome finish, and comes in two different sizes. (18 inches and 28 inches) The Cynder is also energy efficient consuming only 20 watts while it generates 1800 lumens.

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Best Foyer Ceiling Lighting

If you don’t have the space for a chandelier or other larger lighting fixtures then a ceiling light can be an excellent option. You can either choose between designs that blend seamlessly like flush mount options or go for some more stylish designs to add some visual interest even with less available space. Ceiling lights can be a versatile option for a foyer while casting some subtle ambient lighting onto your entryway.

Capital 225021MS Beaufort Flush Mount

The Capital Beaufort Flush Mount ceiling fixture has a wonderful rustic, coastal flair. This unexpected design features a frame finished in Mystic Sand enveloping a Clear Water glass shade, creating an unexpectedly subtle glow. The Beaufort is also UL listed for damp locations for those entryways and foyers that may extend to the outside of a home, which is great for beach houses and bungalows.

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Best Foyer Lamps

Lamps are a perfect fit for an entryway or foyer with space considerations. That is not to say a lamp cannot add to the ambience of a larger entryway, but it wouldn’t suffice as the primary lighting source for larger foyers. What lamps can do though is add a special touch that no other lighting source can. Lamps provide a very home-like feel. Imagine a movie scene where a character walks into the front door and the first thing they do is set their keys on the entryway table or hutch and turn on the lamp. Lamps can say “hey you are home, and it's time to relax!”

Quoizel TF5216R Tawny Table Lamps

The Tawney by Quoizel is such a fun design choice! Just take a look at it and you can’t help but feel how imaginative it is. At the same time it does have an antique, almost elegant feel to it. It’s finish is architectural bronze with Tiffany glass just like a standard stained glass lamp. With an area of 11.25" Height x 8" Width x 7.5" Length it does not take up too much space, so it can fit any entryway. With this lighting choice you can add a touch of imagination to your foyer.

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We hope our guide to entryway/foyer lighting has been informative and fun. The foyer is one the first chances you have to make a great impression on your guests. With the information you have at your disposal you can be sure your entryway lighting will be stylish and functional. If you have any questions feel free to chat with us or give us a call at 1-800-724-5501!

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