Hold On To Your Seats It's The Big Reveal Design Challenge Collaboration

As you know, three weeks ago we asked five talented design bloggers to take an ordinary table lamp and use it to transform an entryway into a winter wonderland walkway in our Holiday Inspired Table Lamp Challenge. This week we are bringing you the highly anticipated results of the challenge.

Kelly Christine Kichler Annaleigh Table Lamp Design Challenge Reveal

Kelly Christine’s entryway is unmistakably her. The festive red table skirt pairs beautifully with the bright green wreath and the green in her delicate floral bouquet. The stark white of the lamp from Kichler Lighting, vase, and figurine makes the subtle white stripe in the festive red tablecloth pop. But, we really see Kelly’s personal touch with the addition of the blue and white vases, which lend an unexpected, yet lovely burst of color. This entryway is definitely “classic with a twist” and we adore it.

Angela Flournoys Feiss Modello Table Lamp Design Challenge Reveal

Angela Flournoy is one woman who did some exquisite work for this challenge. Not only did she spray paint a chair, but she also made her own adorable holiday art with some holiday bags and a cutting knife. The different colored blue ornaments contrasted beautifully with the silver ornaments, and actually made the white of the table lamp stand out. Angela did a masterful job maintaining the blue, white, and silver color scheme in her holiday decor. Even the holiday wreath and flowers matched the floor runner. Angela did a marvelous job transforming her wintery entryway. Check out Angela's before and after pictures here.

Camila Pavones Kichler Annaleigh Table Lamp Design Challenge Reveal

Camila Pavone’s holiday entryway is understated and simple. Her main three colors are red, white, and green, but she also includes little random bursts of colors such as the blue from the ginger jars and the leopard print from the trunk, giving this winter walkway her own spin. See Camila's transformation here.

Erin Spain Feiss Modello Table Lamp Design Challenge Reveal

Erin Spain’s holiday entry way is merry and very bright. Erin kept her design modest and simple, sticking mainly to white with little pops of red from the ornaments, flowers, and book covers that she made herself out of gift wrap.  Wood is another consistent design element that Erin used in her holiday entryway. When paired with all the white, the wood from the mirror, the bench, the floor, and the wreath makes us feel as if we're taking a walk outdoors. Thank you, Erin, for demonstrating how to use the lamp! See Erin's details here.

Carrie Waller Feiss Modello Table Lamp Design Challenge Reveal

Carrie Waller’s holiday entryway is super chic and contemporary. The shimmery gold wallpaper reminds us of wrapping paper and is, therefore, perfect for this challenge. Her DIY advent calendar is a wonderful addition to the entryway table, and we especially liked the way the silver ornaments and accessories set off the gold. See Carrie's full work here.

Who will be the lucky winner of this Holiday Design Challenge? Check out our Facebook page tomorrow at 12 P.M. EST to find out!