How to Install a Hunter Auberville Ceiling Fan

Pictured is a Hunter Auberville Ceiling Fan

Some people enjoy sleeping under the gentle whooshing of a ceiling fan; however, if your fan is noisier than thunder, it may be time to upgrade to a new Hunter Auberville ceiling fan. The innovative ceiling fan has a WhisperWind Motor delivers a powerful performance with little noise.

The Auberville ceiling fan is 90 percent pre-assembled, making this Hunter ceiling fan installation possible in just 5 minutes. We at Del Mar Fans & Lighting prove how quick and easy the Hunter Auberville ceiling fan installation is with our new DIY installation video.

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Hunter Auberville Installation Video Tutorial


  • Phillips-head Screwdriver
  • Wire Cutters
  • Ladder


For this video, we used a Hunter Auberville in a white finish. This product has since been discontinued, but this instructional video works for a variety of ceiling fans from Hunter.

5 Steps to Install the Hunter Auberville

The Hunter Auberville ceiling fan is suitable for installation in rooms ranging in size form 75 square feet to 150 square feet such a standard bedroom or small kitchen. If this fan is not a perfect fit for your small room look at Hunter 42 ceiling fans for more options. Prior to the installation, turn the power off at the circuit breaker box. Confirm the all parts are included in the original packaging and refer to the owner’s manual as needed. Use the steps below a guide:

  1. First, install the mounting bracket the ceiling junction box, pulling the wires through the bracket opening, and secure with the two 3-inch screws provided.
  2. Next, raise the ceiling fan and place the downrod ball into the hanger bracket. Connect all the wires with the wire nuts provided. Raise the canopy to ceiling and partially secure with the three canopy screws provided. Once all the canopy screws are put in, tighten all the screws. Snap and lock the canopy trim ring.
  3. Then, attach the 44-inch fan blades to the blade irons. The fan blades easy snap and lock into places without the need of special materials or tools such as screws, washers, or screwdrivers.
  4. Afterward, partially secure two housing assembly screws to the upper switch housing. Connect the upper-switch housing plug with the lower-switch housing plug. Attach the lower switch housing to the upper switch housing, twist the assembly clockwise until it locks into place. Tighten all screws. For a ceiling fan that does not need a pull chain check out a Hunter fan with remote.
  5. Lastly, to finish off the Hunter Auberville ceiling fan installation, fasten the incandescent candelabra bulbs into the light sockets. Attach the extra pull chains to the ceiling fan pull chain and light pull chain. Thread both pull chains through the metal plate, glass bowl, and cover plate. Raise the glass bowl and cover plate up to the motor housing, and secure with finial.

Once the Hunter Auberville ceiling fan installation is complete, test the ceiling fan speed settings and lighting. We at Del Mar Fans hope this Hunter ceiling fan installation is as easy for you as it was for us. Tell us what you think about the whisper-quiet Hunter Auberville ceiling fan.

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May 30, 2012
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