Looking to upgrade your kitchen with the latest in lighting technology and style? We have some of the best kitchen light fixtures for just that! We've compiled just a few of our favorites to give you ideas for your own kitchen. Whether you want lights that dangle above your kitchen island or recessed lights for your counters, you'll find great kitchen lighting options to consider.

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Best Types of Lighting For Kitchens?

In general, most lighting can be bucketed into one of the three types of lights. Click the links below to learn more about each type:

  • Task lighting is used above common work stations, such as kitchen islands, sinks, stoves and tables.
    • This typically includes over counter lighting, such as pendants and chandeliers and under cabinet lighting.

  • Ambient lighting is your main source of light in the room.
    • Lighting that usually fits under this category are chandeliers, recessed lights, and semi- and flush mount ceiling lighting.

  • Accent lighting is anything that typically enhances the ambiance of a kitchen, but doesn’t provide the main source of light.
    • Under and above cabinet lighting is one of the most popular examples of accent lighting in action, but can include track lights and recessed lights depending on how they are installed.

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What is The Best Kitchen Island Lighting?

Kitchen Island Lighting doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you should have some fun with it! The options are literally endless. Pendant lights, track lights and even chandeliers can be used as kitchen island lights. Smaller kitchen islands can be adorned with two pendant lights, while larger ones can use up to three or four. The trick is to make it look tasteful while maximizing utility. Don’t get pendant lights or chandeliers that are too big for your space because it won’t look right.

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Best Pendant Lights for Kitchens

Feiss F3199-4PN Harrow Pendant, 4-Light 240 Total Watts, Polished Nickel

Pendant lights are a fun way to add some pizazz to your kitchen. They hang lower than semi-flush lights and are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to match your personal design tastes. Install multiple pendant lights above a kitchen island, or a raised bar with stool seating where your guests can sit and relax.

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Best Chandelier Lighting for Kitchens

Feiss F2985/6SN/CH Jonah Chandelier, 6-Light Halogen 240 Total Watts, Satin Nickel/Chrome

Chandeliers are the decorative frosting on top of the cake. Chandeliers come in various shapes, sizes, styles, and can be as vibrant or as modest as you want. Hanging a chandelier above your kitchen table will add sophistication and charm to your room. The chandelier will act as a statement piece while simultaneously lending that little something extra to the look and feel of your kitchen.

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Best Ceiling Lights for Kitchens

Quoizel QSF4019BN Genie Semi Flush, 1-Light 100 Watts, Brushed Nickel

Flush mount lights are a unique way to illuminate your kitchen. Thinking about flush mount lights may conjure up images of your outdated grandmother’s house, but fear not. Flush mount lights have been updated with a fresh and modern look that many homeowners seek. Add light to your dark kitchen pantry by installing a chic flush mount light.

Semi-flush lights will not just brighten up a dim space, but they will also bring beauty and style. Semi-flush lights offer the glamour of a chandelier, but with more headroom since they range around 4- 20 or so inches in height. Place a semi-flush light over a wet bar to illuminate bottle labels to be certain of what you’re pouring.

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Best Recessed Lighting for Kitchens

WAC Lighting dweLED HR-837-WT WAC Lighting Retro Fit Recessed Lighting, White

Recessed or Can lights are a popular lighting option for kitchens. Their ability to install within a ceiling allows for a smooth, seamless look that is appealing to many homeowners. Their inconspicuous design makes them easy to decorate around without being distracting or detracting from other design elements.

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Best Cabinet Lighting for Kitchens

Quorum 94348-6 Undercabinet, 1-Light LED 17 Watts, White

Under cabinet lights are stylish necessities for your kitchen. These lights easily install directly beneath your kitchen cabinets, highlighting the space below. Under cabinet lights provide you with extra clarity to better see the food you're preparing and avoiding accidentally injuring yourself.

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Best Track Lighting for Kitchens

Track lights are a favorite among homeowners because they are versatile and easy to install. Unlike recessed lights that install in the ceiling, track rail lights are mounted flush against the ceiling in either T, L, or H shaped patterns. However, a flexible monorail track system allows you the freedom to bend the track into your desired shape.

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How to Determine the Correct Size For Your Island Or Table?

When buying lighting for islands or tables, you want to make sure you are sizing the fixtures correctly. We have created two helpful guides to take you through the process of determining not only the correct size for your room, island or table, but also how many pendants or chandeliers you may need.

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